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Master for the note: summer sarafans own hands

Sarafans are beautiful objects of women'swardrobes, which are especially relevant in the summer, because they give the body breathing, do not constrain movements and allow to emphasize the dignity of the figure of its owner. Today there are an infinite number of styles, colors and fabric solutions for these kinds of dresses. And if you want to be original and unique, use a sewing machine and create your own image, especially since it is very easy to sew summer sarafans with your own hands, not only experienced needlewomen, but also beginners in this field will cope with such a thing.

summer sarafans

Determine with the model

Before you get started, you needDetermine which model you want, choose the color and material. It should be taken into account that the fashionable summer sarafans 2012-2013 are distinguished by bright color solutions (which perfectly emphasize sunburn), the use of natural fabrics (which makes wearing such clothes in heat as comfortable as possible) and the presence of stylish ornaments that harmoniously complement the image as a whole.

summer sarafans 2012
An example of how you can sew summer sarafans with your own hands

The pattern is as simple as possible and consists of threedetails: two straps (strips of fabric in 8 cm wide) and the main part (a rectangle of matter). The base dimensions are calculated as follows: the width is equal to the girth of the thighs plus 25-30 cm to the cloak and plus 3 cm to the seams; the length is equal to the measurement from the axilla to the desired "longitude" of the sarafan plus 5 cm on the bottom hem (2.5 cm) and the top (2.5 cm) and plus 6 cm for shrinkage.

How to sew summer sarafans with your own hands? Progress:

  1. Wipe the rectangle of fabric along its long sides and iron the seams. They will be located on the back.
  2. Fold the upper section 1 cm, iron,bend another 1.5 cm and walk with an iron. Fill the string-string in the bobbin of your sewing machine, and the finishing thread in the needle, draw a line, having deviated from the bend 1 cm. The ends of the threads must remain at least 20 cm.
  3. When you do the fitting, you will see that you need to release or tighten the rubber band. The ends of the threads can be tied or stitched.
  4. Under the first rubber stitch, draw a few more parallel to it, retreating 1 cm.
  5. Re-fitting for the same purpose: find out the optimal size of the elastic and fix its ends.
  6. Do not remove the sarafan, mark the front of the line of the hips. Perform on it one or more lines with a string of elastic and finishing thread.
  7. Try and fix the threads as you need. On a worn sarafan it is necessary to chart a line along which the bottom will be hemmed.
  8. Fold the bottom cut into 1 cm, iron another 1.5 cm, and then stitch with an ordinary stitch without gum.
  9. The dress is ready, but if you want, you can add straps.

sarafan photo
How to calculate the length of the strapless?

To calculate their length, you need a centimetertape measure the distance from the upper edge of the back of the sarafan until it is passed and add 3 cm, which will go to the sewing. If you want the straps to look like gum, increase the length of the fabric 2 times. Open the details of your straps, press along the fold (4 cm) inside the inside. Fold the slices 1 cm inward and stitch. The width of the finished strap is 3 cm. Repeat the same with the second straps and carefully iron. Then you need to sew to the sarafan on one short side of straps and try on.

How to make straps on an elastic band?

To make straps on an elastic band, you need to outlinetwo parallel lines in the middle and stitch with a string, then sew to the sarafan, as described above. As a result of these simple actions, you will receive a wonderful summer sarafan, a photo of which you can make and boast to your friends. It should be noted that this model has a number of options that depend on the location of the rubber and its width. So now you can sew summer sarafans with your own hands in various variations and constantly replenish your wardrobe without much damage to your wallet.

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