/ How to make a paper bag with your own hands?

How to make a paper bag with your own hands?

Recently, paper packaging has becomemore and more popular. It is more environmentally friendly than polyethylene and plastic. In many stores, such a package can be bought already ready, and if you want, you can make a paper bag with your own hands at home.

Where are paper bags used?

Packaging of paper is used as a containerfor different products. From inexpensive paper packages are made for popcorn, baked goods and other food products. In such packages sell loose tea. Even the coal for lighting fires is packed in paper. Most often, such paper bags made of kraft paper or parchment are made and look quite simple.

paper bags from kraft paper

There are other packages that are made of morethick paper and covered with a laminated layer. They are used for gift wrapping and have beautiful colors. Today, branded paper bags with logo and contacts are very popular. This is a kind of successful advertising. They are developed by designers. Some such packages are a real work of art.

What is needed to make a bag of paper?

The production of paper bags does not require specialskills. First of all, you need to decide on the paper. If you want the package to last a long time and not tear, it is recommended to use laminated paper, which is a moisture-resistant material. You can also take a tight packing list of the required size.

Still, to make a paper bag with your own hands,need scissors, pencil, ruler, glue for paper or double-sided scotch (9-12 mm), eyelets, punching machine, decorative cord (or ribbon for handles) and cardboard. It is not always used and serves to increase the strength of the package.

How to make a paper bag?

First of all, it is necessary to outline the size of the future package in height, length and width. On the back of the prepared sheet of paper, a drawing is drawn with a pencil and ruler.

Start with the vertical lines. The first mark is set, retreating 1.5-2 cm from the left edge of the sheet. This site is necessary for gluing. Next we measure the distance from the first mark, equal to the length of the packet, and draw the second line. The next label will determine the width of the packet. Then again, mark the length and then the width. Each subsequent label begins to be measured from the previous one. Thus, we must have a drawing of the package in the spread on a sheet of paper.

Now you need to draw horizontal lines. For the first from the top of the sheet, you should retreat about 3-4 cm. From this line we measure the distance equal to the height of the packet and put the marks for the next where the bottom will be. Its size depends on the width of the paper bag. The diagram below shows how the finished layout should look.

package paper circuit

Gluing the paper bag

First you need to collect the sleeve. To do this, glue or tape is applied to a small vertical strip on the left side. It is glued to the right edge. When working with glue, be sure to make sure that it does not protrude on the front of the package.

Further we make folds on all vertical lines. On the sides you need to make a bend exactly in the middle. After this, bend the top line and, straightening the workpiece, fill the upper part inwards.

It remains to make a bottom on the paper bag with its ownhands. Cut out a cardboard rectangle, which in size will correspond to the bottom. We make a bend along the line, which is at the bottom of the package, and open it. Inside, put a piece of cardboard and put on its middle a little glue. First lay the short sides, and then - the long ones. Smear the edges with glue and iron the bottom.

how to make a paper bag

Make the handle for the package

Most often, handles for paper bags are made fromdecorative lace, but you can use both satin ribbons, braids or other materials. The main thing is that they should be strong. It is necessary to cut two pieces of cord of the same size. Their edges are recommended slightly scorch so that they do not dissolve.

Now we need to break holes, which will bestick the knobs. To make the package more durable, we stick the strips of cardboard under the bent top. With the help of an eyelet machine, two holes must be made from the front and back sides of the bag, breaking through the paper together with the cardboard. Holes should be located in the place where the fastening of the handles is planned. If there are no machines for eyelets, it is possible to make holes with a punch.

paper bag

It remains to insert the pen. We pass the string or tape through both holes located on one side of the bag. At the ends we tie the knots so that they are on the inside. That's all, a package of paper made with his own hands.

Additional decor

Packages can be decorated with any helpersmeans and materials. It can be various applications, cut from colored paper, bows, buttons and even dry leaves. In this case, it all depends on your imagination. In general, making paper bags is a creative process and requires an appropriate approach.

In addition to decorating the package itself, you can come up with unusual handles. They can also be of any suitable material. You can not insert the handle at all, but simply wrap the top of the bag.

production of paper bags

Now you know how to make a paper bag, and you can not waste time looking for a wrapper for a gift, but to make exclusive packaging with your own hands.

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