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Bouquet from sweets: a master class for beginners

Lose in guessing about what gift to choosea close person? One of the options that can accurately impress his imagination is a bouquet of flowers. He definitely will like sweet tooth! In this article we will tell you how to make a bouquet of chocolates. Master class on this unusual kind of floristics read below.

Such an original chocolate gift with everyoneday is becoming more popular. Now it can be ordered in flower shops, or on the Internet. But few know that with their own hands it is quite simple and easy to make a bouquet of chocolates. The master class will help you in understanding this art. So, shall we begin?

bouquet of sweets master class

Materials for decorating

That our gift turned out effective and was as much like a real bouquet of flowers, the following materials will be needed.

- Corrugated and wrapping paper. You can buy them in ordinary stationery stores. However, if you are often given flowers, you can save money altogether - it's just not worth throwing out gift wraps. Corrugated paper is best suited for the formation of buds of different flowers (from roses to chrysanthemums). With the help of packaging you can create unblown buds, and in general it will come in handy in the design of a bouquet.

- Thread, adhesive tape and glue. In this case, the threads are needed more simply, and the adhesive tape is narrower.

- Oasis or styrofoam. Oasis is such a special soft platform that florists use. On it and will keep the design of the future bouquet. However, it is possible to use a piece of polystyrene that has been overstuffed.

- Toothpicks, or wooden skewers.

- Flower pots.

bouquet of flowers
And, of course, the main component of such a bouquet -it's candy. They can be anything: chocolate or plain caramel. Of course, the final result depends on the color of the package. Experienced needlewomen sometimes make the color and packaging of the candies the very "chip", without which the composition will no longer look spectacular.

In addition to all of the above, you can also come in handy different beads, sequins and ribbons.

Process description

So, where do you start making a bouquet of chocolates? A master class on such needlework will help to understand all aspects. So, let's get to work. First, cut the foam or oasis in accordance with the size of the selected shape. By the way, it can become not only a flower pot, but also an ordinary cardboard box. Next, we paste the form with packing paper. And we put in it the platform-holder.

bouquet of sweets ship

We cut out corrugated paper from colorsmall petals. Their shape will depend on what kind of flower you want to end up with. Next, take the candy, the tail of its packaging with a thread attached to the toothpick, and then pasted just in case with tape. Now make a green stem using colored paper. And we finish our flower petals (pre-cut) - glue them on each other in the diameter of the candy.

When all the flowers are ready, we put them inprepared platform. And we do the decor (the way it is). You can arrange "sweet plants" in any order, the main thing is that there are no voids. They can be filled with artificial petals. Also decorate our pot.

That's how a bouquet of chocolates is created. A master class on this art, recorded on video, can easily be found on the web.

The forms of such crafts can be completely different. Everything depends on your imagination and the person to whom the bouquet of chocolates is intended. A ship, a car, a tree, and even a small house - all this can be created from sweets.

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