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Magnetic Lizun own hands

After the show in the 90's of the popular cartoon"Ghostbusters" on sale there were new interesting toys called "Lizun". So they called a little good ghost from the series, helping a team of friends to catch evil monsters.

magnetic lick

Children liked the unusual shapeless mass that could be safely toss about any wall, crumple in their hands, crush, tear to pieces, and she subsequently took the original form.

They created the first version of Hendgam in the USA in 1976. Translated from English, this word means "hand gum". The mass is viscous to the touch, does not melt, does not leave spots, can have a different color. A child, constantly kneading a jelly-like base, develops the motor skills of fingers and hands. Hendgam acts relaxing on the baby's nervous system.

Clever plasticine

Now many variations of this toy have been invented. Clever or nanoplastilin, lizun, hendgam fell in love not only children but also adults. Its properties are unusual and diverse. Lizun like a viscous fluid, flowing smoothly from one hand to the other, squeezes between the fingers when squeezing. If you throw on the wall, it will slowly drain off with a jelly-like mass. In this case, the wallpaper remains clean, without oily stains and traces. That's why mothers are not against the pampering of children.

If you make a lump and put it on the table, thensoon a puddle is formed. But with a firm crumple in the ball, the lick can even jump from the floor like a ball. In this case, the mass behaves like a solid body. Also it can be stretched out with your hands like an elastic band. With a strong pull, the lick will crack and rupture.

Variety of handiags

Many subspecies of hendgam were created: ordinary, glowing in the dark and even a magnetic lick. It is sold in boxes and plastic packages together with a small square magnet. From clever plasticine you can sculpt various figures, divide into parts, connect colors.

how to make a magnetic lick

At the same time, hands are not soiled at all, unlike a simple analogue. Children play, learn to fantasize, remember colors and shades, while the mood rises. The game unites all family members.

Many adults are interested in the question of what ingredients this polymer consists of, it is not dangerous to play with it and whether it is possible to make such a composition at home.

Preparation for fascinating work

In the manufacture of a solution for this toy therenothing complicated. All components can be quickly found if desired. But before making a mixture for a magnetic limestone, it is necessary to prepare a base for conventional nanoplastylin. To do this, take a glass bowl, which will mix the mixture, wooden or plastic wand. In the stationery store you need to purchase PVA glue. It should be thick, otherwise it will not come out the right consistency.

 magnetic lisun with their own hands

The main ingredient is borax. In another way - borax or sodium tetraborate. This antiseptic is a product that can be purchased freely and inexpensively at the nearest pharmacy. It is better to take this solution in 20% glycerol. Thanks to him, the lick does not stick to his hands. A recipe is not required.

Preparation of the basis

In a prepared bowl you need to pour 100 gramsglue and 3-5 drops of food color. Add a bottle of sodium tetraborate. Again mix well until the solution begins to thicken the mass will not take a gelatinous consistency.

After this process, the resulting nanoplastyllinePut on a clean paper and promakivayut on all sides. As a result of such manipulations, an excess liquid emerges. The last action remains: put it in a plastic bag and crush it with your hands, so that the mass becomes more elastic. It will be 5 minutes.

If the first time did not work, do not despair. Just need to increase the proportion of borax and repeat the action again. Will take the process a few extra minutes.

Rules you need to know

If you decide to do it yourselfexperiment and make a toy, you need to understand the details, watch the video, for example, on the channel "China Bugaga. Magnetic Lizun". Internet sites described many versions of this mixture. And on the "Youtube" in detail shows the manufacture of both smart hand, and magnetic lizuna at home.

cognitive magnet

But there are some caveats in working with the material:

1. If the child suffers from an allergy, then the dye is not recommended. The toy can be left colorless.

2. Immediately after mixing it is better not to take the composition with your bare hands, as it is very sticky and it will be hard to remove later. It is recommended to wear rubber gloves.

3. After the addition of borax, a rapid thickening takes place, so stirring must begin immediately.

4. Clever plasticine - inedible, so that young children are not allowed to play without adults. They like to taste everything, and it's dangerous.

Helpful Tips

The kid after the game can forget to hidegelatinous mass in a bag or jar. With children, this happens often. As a result, the lime can harden. The child was upset, what to do? The answer is simple. It is necessary to put the mass in a glass jar with a lid, add a few drops of water to the bottom. Overnight, the liquid will be absorbed, and the mass will acquire its original appearance.

If after the preparation of smart clay it is impossibleto form a ball, and when stretching individual threads are obtained, this means that sodium tetraborate has been added to the composition. It does not matter, it will be enough to dilute it with a small amount of glue or water.

What is a magnetic lick?

A pinch of iron oxide is added to the nanoplasticine andcarefully knead. It turns out jelly-like mass, which has the properties of metal. It is attracted by a magnet, forming elongated parts. The closer the magnet is to the toy, the faster the reaction. If you leave a magnet, especially powerful, near the plasticine, then the lizard will gradually and smoothly creep onto the metal, which will be inside the mixture.

With a magnetic lizun you can fantasize and play. Plasticine acquires a certain dynamics of movements. The elephant's trunk can be moved. The hands of the man will be raised and lowered. Tentacles of the octopus can examine the ocean floor.

china bugo magnetic lick

To children such a toy will bring a lot of pleasure, will immediately lift the mood to a small cognizer.

Magnetic Lizun is a textbook onthe study of the properties of metals and magnets. Children in a playful form comprehend the basics of physics and chemistry. It is advisable, when making a magnetic lizun with his own hands, to call a child, so that he too participates in the process of creating a handbook. Only put the baby on gloves and goggles in case of splashing the solution when mixing.

How to make a magnetic lizuna at home?

There are several manufacturing options. But the basis for any mixing will be the clever clay prepared and described earlier. It is clear that the mixture is magnetized, you need to add small particles of metal there, but where can I get them? The most rude and simple way is to rub the metal rod with a file. But it takes a lot of effort and time. If possible, it is easier to add a little powdered iron oxide. But not everyone knows where to look for it.

magnetic lick at home

An easier option for cooking isMany developers of laser printers have a developer. It is a fine black powder that mixes easily with a jelly-like mass. Order it on the Internet or buy in a computer shop is not difficult. If desired, you can add phosphorus paint to the mixture. Then in the dark plasticine will glow, which will cause rapturous exclamations of the kids. Before going to sleep, you can tell the child fairy tales in the dark, accompanying them with a presentation with luminous characters.

Experiments with plasticine

If the clay is long in the open state ina warm room, the moisture from it completely evaporates, and the properties change. It hardens and becomes extremely dense. By the way, such a mass can be used as a sealant in the farm.

A thin film made from a mixture draws in dirt and sucks in pieces of debris. You can clean the surface of the keyboard for laptops or carpets.

From hardened plasticine it is possible to make casts from objects: keys, small details of the designer, dolls, etc. Even the child can cope with it.

how to make a magnetic lizuna at home

When you buy a finished product you never know, fromwhat he actually did. When buying plasticine in a jar, be prepared that it contains harmful chemicals. Making a mixture on their own, a person understands what his child is going to play with. But unlike the factory, the home stuff will be short-lived. After a few weeks, it begins to dry up and lose its basic qualities. Have to make a new line-up. Decide and choose the buyer what is best for his children.

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