/ Crochet knitted mittens: charts with description

Crochet crocheted mittens: charts with description

Without such an accessory, as mittens, in the winterdo without. Why not take advantage of the acquired skill and not tie the mittens crochet? The schemes for them are very different. In addition, you can decorate them for every taste.

crocheted crochet scheme

Linked in a circle with imitation gum

Before you tie the mittens crochet, you needpick up the right yarn. These will look great if you take a thread with a characteristic of 100 grams per 400 meters and stay on two similar shades.

Suitable for such a yarn will be a hook undernumber 3,5. If the accessory is planned to be used in the winter, then the wool must be present in the yarn. And the more, the better.

Start knitting crochet mitts (schemes will help)need from a ring of 5 air loops. Then alternate the thread, tying with one shade only one row. Get a pattern that will look like a chess board.

In the 1st row, after three lifting loops, 11 bars should be connected to the crochet. By the way, the number of lifting loops will be the same for all rows of this figure.

2nd row: a column with a crochet before working at the bottom of the chain of lifting, then from the top of each column of the previous row, connect the usual column with the crochet and another one before work.

In the third row, the pattern of the second is repeated. The 4th row consists of alternating bars before and after work. All the following series completely repeat the fourth. There must be enough of them to reach the cut for the thumb. Here in the next row it is supposed to make a pass from the chain formed by 13 loops. Then the circular pattern continues to the wrist.

Now came the turn of how to tie the thumb of the mittens crocheted. Schemes of it will repeat the main pattern. The main difficulty is to recruit the initial series.

The thread for this is supposed to be fixed in the innerpart of the cut, make three lifting loops and two unconnected posts with a crochet, which are then closed with a single loop. So it turns out to be filled with the corner of the connection of the finger with the mitten.

Then tie 11 stitches according to the pattern of mittens. Repeat the triple column with the crochet, closed with one loop in the other corner, and re-tie the bars for and before the work. Continue to knit a circular pattern to the end of the finger. From above connect the incision with the help of columns without a crochet.

mittens for beginners

How to decorate such mittens

They are self-sufficient in themselves. Therefore, if such crocheted mittens (schemes are useful) will be worn by a woman or a man, it is better to leave everything as is.

But a teenage girl or a preschool child is better to sew a suitable decoration. It can be a flower, crocheted, or cute pompons.

The main thing that children's mittens, crocheted, fell in the likeness of their owner.

how to tie a mitten crochet

Bound of the two halves

Despite the unusual implementation, bindit is simple such mittens crocheted. For beginners, there is still a recommendation to choose thick yarn. Such that on 100 gram of weight it was necessary about 120 meters. The hook for such a thread must be numbered 6.

Begin to knit mittens crochet (for beginners) you need a chain of loops. For this characteristic of the yarn, there must be so much that it is equal to the length from the wrist to the end of the little finger.

Link on the chain columns with a crochet. At the top of the chain, make five of these columns from the same base - this will be the rounding for the fingers. Then connect a row of columns to the crochet on the other side of the chain. The first row is finished.

The second repeats the first. Only increase the rounding should be done gradually. It is recommended to divide it three times into two bars from one base. If the thread is thick enough and baby crochets are crocheted, then this amount may be enough. Otherwise, it is necessary to relate as many such rows, so that the width of the product covers the palm.

Now you need to tie another one of the same half mittens. Now they need to be folded together and tied in columns without a crochet along the entire length, leaving a slit for the thumb.

Circle the slots for the cuff to tie the rows: the first - from the columns without the crochet, then the second column with the crochet, decorate with a number of magnificent columns and complete the strapping step with a step.

The finger starts to be knitted with columns without a crochet. Continue the same rows to the desired length. To make a finger turned with a bevel, you need to reduce on one side of the circle one loop, and on the outside - add one. This results in the same number of loops in each row. Then make a rounding and fix the thread.

children's mittens crochet

Option for decorating mittens: kittens

Now how to tie the mittens crocheted, it's understandable. It remains to think about decoration for children. The girl will like the faces of the kittens on mittens.

For them it is necessary to connect two triangles forears. Their base must not be less than 5 loops. From the first row, immediately start decreasing the loops. Finish with three bars connected to one vertex. Such triangle-ears need 4 pieces.

They sew to mittens girls. For the peephole use green beads, and make a nose from a large pink button. Fix several black dense threads for the antennae under the spout.

crocheted mitten pattern

Option for decorating mittens: bears

For him, you need to tie circles-ears. And the same circle for the spout. Only its size should be much smaller.

Muzzle tied oval. To do this, the initial chain does not need to be closed in a ring, but simply tied at once from both sides. The muzzle for the decoration of the mittens should be larger than the ears. For eyes use small black beads.

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