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Loans against a plot of land: half a kingdom for a loan

Credits against land plot as wellvarious, as well as numerous mortgage programs for the purchase of housing. Hundreds of banks offer their way of solving financial difficulties for customers owning land. The specific borrowing parameters depend on the selected bank and credit program, the terms of the expected repayment of obligations and the required loan amount. Thus it is possible to manage to attach the most various sites as under individual housing construction or erection of commercial objects, and the earth of an agricultural purpose. We will understand the actual credit products related to land.

Unlimited credit under the ground from "AkBars"

loans secured by land
"AkBars" Bank will readily repay the loannot only with the provision of residential or commercial real estate as collateral, loans secured by a plot of land are also relevant. Loans are provided under this program to individuals for up to 10 years in the amount of 10,000 rubles. Interest rates in rubles - 15.9-17.9% per annum, and in dollars or euros - 11.9-13.9% per year. Land, which accepts the pledge of "AkBars", should belong to the category of land settlements. The plot must be evaluated, and also insured.

loan secured by land

Money on the security of agricultural land in "Rosselkhozbank"

You can take a loan on bail in"Rosselkhozbank", but not all sites are suitable when contacting this bank - it will be arranged only agricultural land. This loan can be received for any current or investment purposes both by a private person, and by legal persons or entrepreneurs. The maturity of obligations is 8 years. An independent assessment and insurance of a land plot in favor of a creditor bank is mandatory. The remaining parameters of borrowing are individual and determined only after the evaluation of the potential client.

"Tetrapolis" is ready to give for the land up to 45 million rubles

take out a loan on bail

Bank "Tetrapolis" will provide a three-year loanon the security of the land plot, the cost of 300 thousand to 45 million rubles. The size of the loan at the same time can reach 100% of the collateral value of the land. The decision will be made quickly, and the money will be transferred within 3-7 days from the date of application. The rate is 14-18% per annum in rubles or 10-17% in foreign currency. In addition, it is proposed to issue a personal insurance policy.

What should we build a house ... with "VTB24"

But the bank "VTB24" loans secured by landthe plot does not provide for free consumer purposes or for business, but for a specific task - the construction of a house on the site that will be provided as a deposit. The loan can be issued in 5 tranches - as the various stages of construction are completed. The terms of repayment are substantial - from 3 to 30 years. The minimum loan size is from 490 thousand rubles, and the maximum limit is limited to 200% of the value of the land plot. The cost of credit resources is from 12.1% per annum.

Domestic banks offer a variety of loans secured by land, you can only find the best option to borrow money with a minimum overpayment.

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