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How to make mastic at home: recipes from marshmallow, chocolate and milk

To surprise the guests today for the festivetable, little to prepare a delicious cake. It is also necessary to decorate it beautifully. Of what only they do not do: from powdered sugar and cocoa, jelly, berries and fruits, cream and chocolate. But, perhaps, the most unusual they are obtained from mastic. This mass, reminiscent of plasticine, allows you to realize the most daring imaginations. From it mold animals, little people and flowers, and sometimes even cover the whole cake. But how to make mastic at home?

how to make mastic at home
In fact, it's easy enough. It is made on the basis of completely different materials - chocolate, marshmallow and milk. In order to find your recipe, it is recommended to make a bit of mastic for the sample, because it turns out different in consistency and structure. In addition, to any, even the most simple way you need to adapt.

But, perhaps, the simplest recipe, asprepare mastic - this is an option based on marshmallow (chewing marshmallow). To make jewelry for one cake, you need 100 g of marshmallow, a tablespoon of butter and 200-300 g of powdered sugar. Fold the marshmallow and butter in a deep bowl and place in a microwave. Heat until the "candy" does not increase in size (about 15-20 seconds). In the still unheated mass, gradually add the powdered sugar until a plastic texture is obtained. It is possible from such a mastic to sculpt figures right away, but you can clean it in the refrigerator. It can be used for a week.

recipe how to make mastic
Of course, this is not the only wayprepare mastic at home. Very tasty and plastic, it comes from chocolate. This option is suitable for decorating chocolate cakes with beautiful roses or chrysanthemums. But when you make it you will need to show patience, and do it no less than a day before the filing. This is to ensure that the finished flowers are well kept in shape. In a water bath, melt 300 g of chocolate chips, gradually adding 50 g of honey. Once the mass becomes uniform and thick, divide it into small lumps and spread it into a plastic film. After it has completely cooled down, each lump warm in the microwave for 30-40 seconds and wring out excess oil with your hands. Then roll into a thin layer through the film and give the desired shape.

However, since making mastic at home fromchocolate is not obtained at all, and marshmallow is not sold in all stores, enterprising housewives came up with it to do even on the basis of milk. This recipe will require a glass of milk powder, powdered sugar, condensed milk and 2-3 tablespoons of lemon juice. Mix the dry ingredients, add a tablespoon of milk, lemon juice and mix. Then pour the condensed milk until the mass turns into plastic and homogeneous. Immediately remove the package, so that the mastic is not faded. Use as needed.

how to prepare mastic at home
Now, knowing how to make mastic at homeconditions, you can easily decorate any cake. Just remember a few simple rules. Mastic and jewelry from it must be stored in a package or a closed container, so that they do not wither. The cake covered with a cream, it is better to decorate only before submission, as the mastic can flow. And, of course, it is advisable to make all the preparations in advance, so that the decorations keep the shape well. In the rest, how to make mastic at home, you can choose based on your preferences. Recipes for its manufacture will be a lot.

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