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"Tsvetaevsky" pie with apples: step by step preparation in a multivariate

"Tsvetaevsky" pie with apples (step by stepthe preparation will be presented below) is analogous to "Charlotte", but more gentle and soft. This dessert is made quite easily. It can be baked in a multi-store, and in an oven. Today we decided to consider the first option, since many modern housewives have long become owners of this useful kitchen appliance.

Delicious "Tsvetaevsky" pie with apples: step-by-step cooking in a multivark
Tsvetaeva pie with apples step by step cooking

Required components for the base:

  • wheat flour white - 1.5 cups;
  • thick sour cream - ½ cup;
  • fresh creamy oil - 155 g;
  • vinegar and soda dinning - for ½ dessert spoon.

Preparation of the basis

Before baking the "Tsvetaevsky" pie inmultivark, it is necessary to mix well the sand base. To do this, take not rancid butter and melt it in the bowl of the kitchen unit in the heating mode. Further, the cooking oil must be slightly cooled, poured into a bowl and add thick sour cream. Mixing both components together, they should be added to the extinguished table soda and white sifted flour. As a result, you will not get too tight a dough, which can slightly stick to your hands. To ensure that it is well rolled on a cutting board, it is desirable to place it in a refrigerator or freezer (for 30 or 15 minutes respectively).

Observing all the recommendations for creating a deliciousfruit dessert, you are sure to get a soft and delicate "Tsvetaevsky" pie with apples. Step-by-step preparation of this sweet dish also includes the following products:

  • acidic variety of apples - 4 or 5 pcs .;
  • white flour sifted - 2 large spoons;
  • sour cream fat - full glass;
  • sand sugar - 2/3 cup;
  • egg standard chicken - 1 piece;
  • sugar vanilla - a dessert spoon.

Tsvetaeva pie in the multivariate

Fill Preparation

"Tsvetaevsky" apple pie in the multivariatemust be filled with sour cream. After all, it is this mixture that will give dessert softness and juiciness. To prepare such a dairy sauce it is required to mix fat sour cream with granulated sugar, and then gradually pour a strongly beaten egg to them, pour in vanilla sugar and white flour. As a result, you should get a liquid mass resembling a cream.

Preparation of fruit

To prepare this dessert, it is best to purchase acid varieties of apples. They need to be washed, remove the peel, and also the seed box and cut into thin slices.

Forming and baking of pie
Tsvetaeva apple pie in the multivariate

When all components are processed,roll the base into a layer and lay it in a greased bowl so that the edges of the dough are 5-7 centimeters high. Next on the cake you need to place slices of apples and pour them with a sweet sour cream sauce. Above, the dish can be sprinkled with powder or ground cinnamon. After that, the multivark should be put in baking mode, and the timer should be set to 60 minutes.

How to properly dessert

Baked "Tsvetaevsky" pie with apples(step-by-step preparation was presented above), it is desirable to cool directly into the container of the device, and then gently take it out, cut into portioned triangles and serve it with the tea.

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