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We cook the oxalic soup. The recipe for the preparation of sorrel for future use

The first spring heat brings the long-awaitedgreens to the table, and we are happy to prepare soups from nettles and sorrel. These vitamin first dishes are very delicious, dietary, healthy. Nettle and sorrel can be used to prepare salads with vegetables and sunflower oil; stewed oxalic and nettle leaves can be stuffed pies, pre-adding boiled eggs; very good cold soup oxalic, the recipe of which requires the addition of sour cream.

Sorrel is a unique, unpretentious,useful plant. By preparing oxalic soup, the prescription of which assumes also the use of nettle, you simultaneously get a tasty and healthy dish. After all, the nettle contains a lot of vitamin C, manganese, iron, chlorophyll, organic acids, tannins, microelements. It has anti-inflammatory, hematopoietic and hemostatic action. For cooking, use young shoots and leaves collected in early spring and early summer, and for harvesting for medical purposes they collect nettle from July to September. And in sorrel contains vitamins A, C, PP, E, B1 and B2, many useful microelements, including potassium, magnesium, copper, zinc, fluorine and others. In other words, the first dish from sorrel and nettles not only serves to satisfy hunger, but, first of all, to replenish the body with a supply of useful substances. And considering that sorrel and nettle appear much earlier than the rest of the greenery, the soup with sorrel, the recipe of which can become a multivitamin complex, is recommended for everyone who lacks vitamins and trace elements.

The first mention of sorrel is found inthe French annals of the 12th century. That is, this plant deserves respect if only because of his advanced age, but did not recognize edible and only the last two centuries have earned him a well-deserved popularity of a long dock in Russia as a sorrel leaf culture was grown in the gardens and home gardens.

If you are cooking oxalic soup, the recipe of whichhas been presented to you as a grandmother, remember that in large quantities it is contraindicated for people suffering from urolithiasis and gout, because the content of oxalic acid in it provokes the formation of stones. Sorrel can be used in raw form, in salads, then its medicinal properties are even more powerful. Sorrel is used in anemia and scurvy, it promotes the assimilation of iron, and this property significantly increases the hemoglobin of the blood. Large doses of sorrel act laxative, and small - as a fixative. It improves digestion and stimulates the secretion of gastric juice in gastritis with low acidity. Sorrel sorrel in small doses acts cholerally.

Thus, a simple oxalic soup,the recipe of which is unusually simple (potatoes, carrots, onions, sorrel, boiled eggs, sour cream) and cooking time of which is no more than 15 minutes, can become an excellent multivitamin agent and the best substitute for a pharmacy vitamin preparation.

If you want to be on your desk forThe whole year was sorrel, do not be lazy, freeze the leaves in a cellophane bag. Then, even in the midst of winter frosts, you can cook your home fragrant, tasty and useful oxalic soup. Recipe for conservation of sorrel for future use is also simple, and requires only the presence of salt. In order to preserve the sorrel, it should be finely chopped, rubbed with salt, and, when it gives juice, spread over jars, cover and sterilize. Half-liter cans of sorrel should be sterilized for 15-20 minutes from the boiling point of the water. After that, quickly roll up the covers and turn over, leave for air cooling.

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