/ How to cook meatballs?

How to cook meatballs?

Ability to have a snack by the notorious fast food,the presence of semi-finished products in any supermarket is increasingly pushing away from us a simple human need - to eat in a relaxed home environment natural and tasty food. And although the preparation of some dishes takes a maximum of 20 or 30 minutes, we continue to fry in a frying pan incomprehensible "chicken" cutlets from billets and reheat microwave pies and chebureks instead of making, for example, minced meatballs. We are surprised at the intricacies of molecular cooking, and we, like cave people, eat everything that is chewed, and then, in anticipation of a miracle, we look into the eyes of the gastroenterologist.

Many have long forgotten, or maybe never knew,how to cook meatballs from minced meat, although the process - it does not happen. Perhaps, it is necessary to try at least sometimes to eat normally, to do this in order not to forget how to cook, to preserve the traditional culture of nutrition and your health. So, we'll start with these meatballs. Those who do not cook at home, often dreamily remember their kindergarten or school taste, but we will cook better.

It will be popular in many countries meatballs with minced meat and rice.

To do this, take meat, about 700 g, you cantake beef, fat pork, chicken fillet. Pork is needed to make our meatballs more juicy. Grind the pieces in the meat grinder, together with the meat, twist a couple of small bulbs, mix well, salt, add black pepper, preferably freshly ground. In the mince we pour out about 100-120 g of boiled rice and break the chicken egg. By the way, rice is very easy to cook in a microwave. To do this, a glass of impurities that are free of foreign matter and well washed cereals is placed in a vessel for MB of the furnace, salt to taste, poured into 2 cups of water and cooked at 750 V for 12 minutes.

That children know how to cook meatballs fromminced meat, call them to the kitchen, they usually take part in the modeling process, and he just arrived. The resulting composition must be well kneaded and allowed to stand for a while, so that the forcemeat acquires a certain uniformity. Then you need to mold out minced meatballs, their size depends on your desire. Want a nostalgic version of your childhood, actively use child labor, let them mold small balls. If there is not enough time for cooking, shape the meatballs a little more. But very big too are not needed, semi-finished products should not weigh more than 50 g. A little secret: if the forcemeat has turned liquid, it needs to be slightly thickened, for this purpose, a little starch or semolina will do. Blanks should be tight, and the meatball of minced meat should not fall apart in the hands.

The next point of the answer to the question "Howcook their meatballs from minced meat? "will be their frying.On a well-heated frying pan you need to pour the sunflower oil refined, when it starts to crackle, lower the meatballs into it, pre-dipping them into flour.Fry the billets until golden brown and put in a saucepan with thick walls and You almost know how to prepare meatballs from minced meat, but that's not all.

At the next stage they need to be extinguished, but forThis needs a sauce, which we will prepare. It is necessary to dissolve a spoonful of tomato paste in 300 grams of water, put 40-50 g of butter on a frying pan, melt and pour into it a diluted tomato paste, add a jar of sour cream, sprinkle a spoonful of sugar, spices, but it is not necessary, who loves. Sauce to bring to the appearance of bubbles, make less fire, pour over a few minutes and pour into a saucepan with meatballs. Put them on a small fire or in the oven to put out. Now you can tell your friends how to cook meatballs from minced meat. By the way, if you want, you can add minced meat, from which will be formed meatballs, finely chopped dill.

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