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Harvest for the winter - strawberries in own juice

Strawberry ripens in early summer. It is a very delicate berry with a bright taste and aroma, rich in vitamins and acids. Fresh strawberries can not be stored for a long time, therefore, to save precious berries, make various preparations for the winter. At the same time,

Strawberry in its own juice
It is important to preserve the aroma and unique taste of strawberries. This is possible if the strawberry is prepared in its own juice. Experienced housewives know many recipes of strawberry preparations and are able to find application not only for selected berries. The best specimens go for jam and compotes, rumpled and overripe - for jam and jam. Such blanks are a part of summer on cold winter days.

Recipes of homemade blanks for the winter from strawberries in own juice

Strawberries are very delicate, easy to boil,therefore, in order to preserve their natural appearance, it is necessary to observe the cooking mode and time. And if for jam it is not so important, then compote with boiled berries will look ugly.

1. Compote of strawberries in own juice

Strawberry in its own juice for the winter
For a kilogram of berries you need to take a glass of sugar. Peel the berries from the leaves, rinse thoroughly, allow the water to drain (in a colander). For strawberries you need a very wide dish, so that the berries do not crumple. Suitable wide enameled basin. Pour the berries into it and cover them with sugar. Cover it with gauze and do not touch for 10 hours. Under the influence of sugar from the strawberry juice will begin to stand out, and we need the berry to swim in it. Prepare cans, lids and a container for sterilization. Pour strawberries with juice into cooked jars and sterilize for 10 minutes. After that, close the lids and turn the jars. Leave to cool in this position. It is recommended to store compotes of strawberries in a dark place so that the berries do not lose color.

2. Canned strawberries in own juice

The consumption is approximately the same: per kilogram of berries you need a glass of sugar. The washed strawberries should be dried, spread out on the table. Banks are better to take small, half-liter or six hundred. Spread dry berries in prepared clean jars. After laying one layer, fill it with sugar, top the next layer of berries and so on up to the top. Sterilize half a liter jars for ten minutes, a larger capacity - about 13 minutes. During sterilization, the juice will begin to separate from the strawberry and the berries will lightly settle. After sterilization, close the lids tightly and put it on to cool, turning the lid down.

Strawberries in their own juice for the winter for such a recipe will remain in the banks as bright and fragrant as fresh.

3. Strawberries in strawberry juice

home cookware recipes for the winter

This method of harvesting is generally sugar-free. But it will require a natural strawberry juice. A kilogram of strawberry needs a glass of juice. Prepared berries pour boiling juice and pasteurized for 10 minutes at a temperature of 80 degrees. Pasteurization is a one-time heating of a liquid at a temperature below 100 degrees, which increases the duration of storage of liquid products. But the strawberry cooked in this way in its own juice should be stored in the refrigerator, unlike the first two options.

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