/ How much to soak the mushrooms and what is the best of them?

How much to soak the mushrooms and what tasty of them to cook

Some kinds of mushrooms are so tasty andfragrant that it is simply impossible to resist them! The most popular are the white fungus, buttered, boletus, podberozoviki, champignons, chanterelles and, of course, mushrooms! They are good in any form: boiled, fried, pickled. To surprise guests with a fragrant mushroom dish, you need to know how much to soak the mushrooms. If you do everything right, then praise can not be avoided.

how much to soak the mushrooms

Not all mushrooms can be cleaned, washed and startedCook. This kind needs preliminary preparation, because without it you can not use it. The dish of unprepared mushrooms turns out to be bitter and not tasty, and all because of the lumpy juice that they excrete.

How to soak the mushrooms?

Be prepared to wait, as this is a processlong. You need to fill them with water and set aside. Water should be replaced by a clean one at least two times a day, because there is a lot of sticky juice. Due to these actions unnecessary bitterness goes away. If you add a little salt or lemon juice, then the process will go faster.

Preparing for the load

Pour all the mushrooms on the newspaper and carefullygo through. Without regret get rid of touched worms, as well as old and wrinkled. Leave the most beautiful and elastic. Leaves, remains of hay, dirt can be removed with a brush. Rinse thoroughly. Turn each mushroom upside down and fill with water. It should be cold.

how to soak mushrooms

You ask how much to soak the mushrooms. Two days are enough to get rid of the unpleasant aftertaste. This is provided that you do not forget to change the water every day to clean water.

You can get rid of bitter taste and with the help of salting. Simply pour the mushrooms into the grinded salt. Only to isolate the juice you need to press down on them with oppression.

How to cook mushrooms


Mushrooms cleaned, remove the legs. Put the cook for half an hour. You need to remove the foam. We merge the water, fill it with fresh water and boil it again for 20 minutes. Fold the mushrooms in a colander to make the glass water. After that, cut (cubes or straws) and fry for about 10 minutes. If you add onions, it will be even more delicious. The prepared dish has a pungent taste and a piquant flavor. How much to soak the mushrooms for this recipe? Thanks to the long boiling this is not required.

how to cook mushrooms

Sour Cherries

Fold on the bottom of a glass jar largecut dill, and then lay out the mushrooms, it is better to choose young. You can put more garlic or horseradish root. Add salt to the water (the amount is at your discretion) and pour this brine into the jar. Wait 5 days and the dish is ready!

With sour cream

Pre-prepared mushrooms cut intoform straws and fry in butter until they are browned. Add sour cream, pepper, salt, cover. You can put spices there. With mushrooms a good combination of paprika, nutmeg, white pepper. Cook at minimum heat for no more than 10 minutes. When serving, crumble finely chopped dill.

If you know how much to soak the mushrooms, and correctly do it, then you can create with their help a variety of culinary masterpieces. Their excellent taste is worth the time and effort!

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