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Best cafes and restaurants in Rostov-on-Don: review, features and reviews

Rostov-on-Don is the largest city in the south of Russia. It was founded by the Empress Elizaveta Petrovna in the middle of the 18th century. Here live more than a million people, and annually come tens of thousands of tourists. The city is full of attractions, sports and cultural institutions, as well as catering. We suggest you get acquainted with the best cafes and restaurants of Rostov-on-Don. You will learn about their features, as well as where they are.

Cafes and Restaurants in Rostov-on-Don

In the city there is a large number ofdifferent institutions of public catering. How do visitors from other cities find the most deserving cafes and restaurants in Rostov-on-Don? One of the options is to listen to our recommendations. After analyzing a large amount of information and feedback from visitors that can be found on the vast spaces of the World Wide Web, we have compiled a list of institutions. In them you will be offered a tasty and varied menu, as well as quality service. Let's start our acquaintance.

Rating of cafes and restaurants in Rostov-on-Don

Thanks to the fact that worthy establishments in the cityit is very difficult to single out the best of them. But we will try to do this for you. Do not worry if our list does not include cafes and restaurants that you like to visit. Continue to do this, but also you can pay attention to others. Next, we will tell you about the best cafes and restaurants in Rostov-on-Don, which are very popular among visitors.

cafes and restaurants of Rostov on Don

Yalla: cozy and fun

For a family holiday, many residents of the citychoose an institution with a musical name. For children there is a very cozy room with games. Also for the guys there are special high chairs, on which they will be very comfortable during a family dinner or dinner. Polite and preventive maintenance contributes to the creation of a friendly and cozy environment. What about the menu? It is very diverse, as it includes dishes of different cuisines of the world. We recommend that you try:

  • Samsu with lamb.
  • Veal cold with pickled gherkins.
  • Seafood, stewed in a Provencal sauce.
  • King's ear from three kinds of fish.
  • Shavermu classic with chicken.
  • Salad with duck breast.
  • Manty with lamb meat.
  • Uzbek cake and much more.

The interior of the establishment uses a lot of greenery,large chandeliers, comfortable pillows. There are comfortable sofas and armchairs in which you can enjoy communication with pleasant people. The average bill in the institution is from 1,500 rubles.

Address of the restaurant "Yalla" - Theater Square, 3.

cafe restaurants on the northern growth on the Don

"Palace of Pioneers"

Among popular institutions of public cateringthis place is one of the first places. There is always a large number of visitors who have a great time. What features of the restaurant attract them? Let's list them:

  • great variety of hookahs;
  • It is located in the center, which allows you to easily reach it from anywhere in the city;
  • free parking;
  • about two hundred seats;
  • there are various concerts of popular performers;
  • there is a bar, which offers a large number of different cocktails and spirits;
  • presence of a well-equipped theatrical area;
  • high-quality equipment;
  • comfortable and cozy atmosphere and much more.

In the menu the most delicious dishes of European, Japaneseand Russian cuisine. It is always cozy and cozy in the home, despite the large number of visitors. In warm weather, many visitors like to relax on the summer veranda, which offers beautiful views of the city. The average bill in the institution is from 1,500 rubles.

Address of the restaurant "Palace of Pioneers" - Theater Avenue, 85.

cafe bars restaurants Rostov on Don

"Shu-shu": philosophy of oriental cuisine

Here you will find the most delicious and unusual dishesAsia. The atmosphere of the institution has for long conversations and leisurely rest. Here you can tag about something sublime or reflect on the meaning of life. The interior uses only natural materials. A muffled, unobtrusive light sets up a romantic mood. There is a karaoke and a summer terrace. There are delicious and unusual desserts in the menu, such as: "Warm pie with caramel and ice cream", "Ganache from milk chocolate", "Warm banana cake with lyche sorbet" and others. All the evening long live music is played. The average check is from 1 000 rubles.

Address of the restaurant "Shu-shu" - Budennovskiy prospekt, 3.

rating of cafes and restaurants in Rostov on Don

"John Doe" - a place for cool parties

You like to dance, drink delicious cocktails andHave fun until the morning? In this case, you just need to visit the restaurant-bar "John Doe." It consists of two floors, which are spacious halls, two bars and two dance floors. The youth of the city of Rostov-on-Don loves to rest here. To create a special mood and have a great time, bartenders will offer you the most unusual and delicious cocktails. The restaurant's cuisine specializes in American, Italian and Mexican cuisine. Among spirits there is a large selection of whiskey. Also here you will be offered the most interesting entertainment programs, as well as you can watch interesting cartoons. Visitors are pleasantly pleased with the fact that the institution works daily and without interruptions. The average check is from 1 000 rubles.

Address of the restaurant "John Do" - Kirovsky prospect, 51.

cafe restaurants Rostov on don center

"Pies Kuchkov" - tasty, like at home

The restaurant of Russian cuisine is of great interestnot only among the residents of the city, but also among visitors. One of the advantages of the institution can be called affordable prices. The average check will be from 600 rubles. Also, the service of delivery of finished products to home or office is very popular. The menu offers a wide variety of fresh and mouth-watering pies with various fillings, as well as other baked goods. The hall is decorated in the style of the 19th century, which attracts a large number of fans of unusual interiors. Visitors feel comfortable and cozy here, like at home.

Address of the restaurant "Pies Kuchkov" - Bolshaya Sadovaya street, 160/67.

the best cafes and restaurants of Rostov on Don

"Lemon and mint": for connoisseurs of vegetarian food

This cafe is very popular withconnoisseurs of proper and healthy nutrition. In the menu you will be offered a large number of dishes with vegetables and cereals. Among them: vegetable risotto, Mexican-style beans, wheat cereal with forest mushrooms, vegetables in Mediterranean and much more. The interiors in the cafe are very bright and bright. It is good to celebrate the birthday of children, as the menu offers a large selection of delicious desserts.

Address of the cafe "Lemon and Mint" - University Lane, 65.


Cafes and Restaurants in the North (Rostov-on-Don)micro district is also popular. The restaurant "Canyon" confidently holds the palm of the championship. Here you will find delicious dishes and chic furnishings. In a cafe, any holiday will be a grandiose event.

Address of the Canyon "Canyon" - Korolev Street, 30 G.

Guest Reviews

In the best cafes and restaurants in Rostov-on-Don, you cannote any event. It can be a lavish banquet, a romantic date, a family holiday, a friendly get-together. The menu always has a wide variety of dishes. Reviews about the restaurants that are mentioned in the article are almost all positive. Residents of the city and tourists from different cities are satisfied with the quality of service, the availability of prices, as well as deliciously prepared dishes.

Summing up

Cafes, bars, restaurants of Rostov-on-Don alwayshospitably welcome their visitors. A variety of dishes and a high level of service can satisfy even the most demanding visitors. Especially popular are cafes, restaurants of Rostov-on-Don in the center.

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