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Learn how to make lecho at home

Without home preparations, frankly, winter canseem sad. Something should bring a reminder of the bright colors of summer and golden autumn, and a tasty addition to the menu is also necessary. Let's not even talk about our special love for pickles-jams - a mandatory attribute of friendly feasts. Let's talk about how to make lecho at home.

how to make lecho at home

Why do we specify about home conditions? Yes, simply because at one time we practically did not know about this wonderful invention of mankind, and none of us knew how to cook it. Lecho was brought to us in beautiful jars from Bulgaria and Hungary. These two countries "planted" us on new and very original recipes for marinades and pickles. We mainly specialized in salted cucumbers, green barrel tomatoes and sauerkraut. By the way, in this we still have no equal, and no foreign food will win our love for native pickles.

Nevertheless, today we are learning how to make lechoat home. Everyone knows what kind of yummy? This sweet Bulgarian pepper in tomato, cooked with the addition of garlic, greens and all sorts of spices. Preparing is not that fast, but quite simple.

how to make lecho for the winter

First of all, we prepare tomato. 4 kg of tomatoes scrolled through a meat grinder (someone scalded the fruit and removes the skin - free will). It turns out 3 liters of tomato, which we boil. Note that the principles "by eye", "taste" and "at your discretion" will be very helpful here. However, as with any cooking - the hostess always brings something from herself. What's this for? To the fact that according to the recipe, how to make lecho correctly, it is recommended to cook tomato for two hours. During this time he strongly boils. But the author of the article believes that 30-40 minutes is enough, and even then with frequent stirring: tomato likes to burn.

Meanwhile, red bell pepper (5 kg)my, cut into four pieces (or rings, pieces - again, a matter of taste), remove the seeds and the stalk. Well my, clean the seeds from 4 pod of red hot pepper (can be more or less, depending on the love of the island), cut into small rings. Anyone who knows how to make lecho at home, cooking selects a wide pan with a thick bottom. We pour into cookware the cooked tomato, we put into it sliced ​​Bulgarian pepper, hot pepper. We add half a glass of salt and a glass of sugar, half a glass of table vinegar, a glass of vegetable oil. Put the boil, do not forget to stir, so as not to burn.

Next, we clean and grind 4 heads of garlic. Mine and cut two large bunches of greenery. Ideally fennel and coriander, but it tastes of everyone, you can and parsley. In how to make lecho at home, all the charm that you do everything the way you like, and not according to other people's recipes.

how to make lecho correctly

So, our lecho is brewed over a medium heat of minutesforty-fifty. Minutes for five to readiness we add garlic, and at the very end - greens. In the previously prepared sterile jars we throw a few peas of black pepper and a bay leaf. We pour boiling lecho, taking care - God forbid, this is very painful! Immediately roll up the cans, roll them over and put them in a heap tightly to each other. We are wrapped up with a thick blanket, an old jacket - who has what, and let's cool down. So the banks keep the heat longer and are additionally sterilized. Done! You do not need to pour everything, you need to leave it for a bit - do not wait for the winter!

A little more about the options for how to make lecho onwinter. Have we already said that every lady has her own preferences? So, all sorts of liberties are allowed in the list of ingredients. Did you notice that there is no onion in the recipe described? The whole emphasis is on garlic. Many people think this is wrong. Yes, for God's sake! Most add to lecho a lot of carrots. You can chop a couple of carrots for a change. But not necessarily. And someone generally adds eggplant cubes. In a word, everything is possible. But this will not be lecho, but a salad. Also delicious.</ strong </ p>

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