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Maltodextrin: what is it and why is it used

maltodextrin what is it

Who does not like sweets? Holidays at all are associated with a richly laid table, which, in turn, can not do without dessert. You can buy a cake shop
or sweets, or you can cook yourself. Usually people try not to waste their energy and prepare sweets and go to the nearest supermarket. Not everyone will look at the composition of the bought candy or biscuits, and yet there are unknown to us unknown components, such as maltodextrin. What is it, and why is it used in the production of not only sweets, but also baby food? People who care about their health, will necessarily want to understand this.

Food supplement

This component looks like a powderwhite or cream color, has hygroscopic properties, that is, very quickly absorbs liquids. In its pure form it has no pronounced taste and smell, although sometimes it is moderately sweet. It is obtained by processing starches of different origin, usually using corn or rice. It is widely used in the production of products such as baby food, all kinds of confectionery, buns, as well as sports nutrition. True, in each case, different properties are valued, which possesses maltodextrin. What is it - a baking powder or a sugar substitute - is impossible to understand at once. For example, in bakery products, it falls exclusively as an improver of flour. Due to him, buns for a long time do not spoil and
look lush and fresh even after a couple of days. Here is the list of tasks that the addition of this ingredient decides:

maltodextrin composition

  • Improved consistency.
  • Slow down the oxidation of products that are particularly prone to this process.
  • Loosening the dough or finished mixtures.
  • In jelly products, it helps maintain shape.
  • Stimulation of intestinal microflora (in dietary supplements).
  • Acceleration of solubility.

As you can see, its importance in the production of food is very high. However, the question of its harm or benefit is still open.


So how, getting into our body, behavescomponent of maltodextrin? That this is a split starch, we have already figured out, but how does it differ from the same glucose? From the course of biology we know that the main source of energy for us is glucose, it accumulates in the muscles and liver and is consumed as necessary. She comes to us in the body with food containing carbohydrates. Maltodextrin is just obtained by dividing such a complex carbohydrate, like starch, into smaller parts, dextrins. Thus, it turns out that this food supplement is nothing but glucose. The only difference is that the splitting of the component occurs only in the small intestine, which ensures a long and uniform process of glucose entering the blood.

maltodextrin reviews

Harm and benefit

An inquisitive consumer mustthe question arises when he sees maltodextrin as part of the product: "What is this? A harmful ingredient or an innocuous food supplement?" In fact, like any other product, it can be dangerous, but not for everyone. To be afraid of it costs people who have diabetes or have a tendency to it. The problem is that, being a close relative of molasses and starch, maltodextrin has a very high glycemic index, which characterizes the release of sugar into the blood. But there is another side to the coin: for healthy people, taking food with its content will become a kind of diabetes prevention, because it will cause the production of insulin. It is very important to know from which initial product maltodextrin was made. The composition of corn or rice does not cause concern, but wheat contains gluten, which is intolerable in many children. But allergic people have absolutely nothing to fear, this supplement is not capable of causing allergies. In addition, maltodextrin has a very important property for modern man, it cleans the body of toxins, radionuclides and heavy metals, while acting as a fiber, which is so lacking in our diet. Athletes appreciate his ability to restore energy after a long workout.

Where to use

maltodextrin reviews

It is often possible to see maltodextrin in a child'snutrition, here it is needed to improve digestibility. Most often it occurs in various confectionery products, but there is nothing to fear, it is necessary to extend the shelf life and maintain the appropriate appearance. Maltodextrin has found application even in the manufacture of sausages, here it acts as a substitute for fat, which, in principle, is good. As a sugar substitute, maltodextrin is added to sauces and drinks. Its application is very extensive, while it is not dangerous for the body, so you can safely buy products that have it in its composition.

Sports nutrition

A special place is taken by this food supplement insports nutrition, because this is the best source of long carbohydrates. It restores glycogen in the muscles, while ensuring a uniform absorption of glucose. In such a product of sports nutrition, as a geyner, maltodextrin is especially important. Athletes' reviews also talk about better dissolution and assimilation of proteins when the component is used together, and protein is the main building material for muscles. Thus, it can be concluded that maltodextrin is not only harmless, but in some situations even beneficial and beneficial.

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