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Ritual for the fulfillment of desires: first think, then do

Execution of desires ... Is there at least one in the worlda person who would not have dreamed of fulfilling the most cherished (and sometimes not one) desire? Someone for the sake of his dream devotes day and night to making money.

Someone goes to fortune-tellers and visionaries, hoping thatWhite and black magic will help him. Still others simply dream, sitting on the couch and fixing their eyes on nowhere. Fourth ... That's about these fourth, able to independently invent or conduct a ritual for the fulfillment of desires, we'll talk today. I will say right away that even cherished scientists believe that cherished desires are being fulfilled. After all, desire is nothing but a thought form. Properly formulating your dream, constantly visualizing it, a person mobilizes, his thoughts are arranged, and the subconscious mind is set to achieve the goal. There are even certain technologies and practices for the fulfillment of desires that can be learned independently and quickly. But I want to warn you right away, you need to formulate your desire very carefully, extremely accurately, carefully. I myself was burned once. When I met my future husband, I held a ritual for the fulfillment of desires. The wording was this: "We together perfectly celebrate the New Year". The desire was fulfilled ... almost. We really had fun celebrating the New Year twice: on December 2 and January 6. All the rest of the time he was not with me, I spent New Year's Eve all alone.
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Carrying out the ritual for the fulfillment of desires, I did not precisely formulate this desire. Nevertheless, I was convinced of its effectiveness and I want to share with those who believe in it.

Ritual for the fulfillment of desires

At once I will say, black or white magic, spells,conspiracies, etc. here are not needed. First, we clearly and correctly formulate what we want to receive. It does not matter what it is: love, a new bike or a promotion.

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We do this in the present tense and without a particle"Not", specifying details as much as possible. For example, this way: "On August 15 I will ride a new bicycle". Now we draw a wish card. This is the first stage, with it begins the ritual for the fulfillment of desires. It is with his help that the desire can be visualized. From the top indicate the date of fulfillment of desire. It must be real. Then we write (brightly and beautifully) the very desire. If it refers to a career - on the northern side of the sheet (above), to the family - on the eastern side (right). If desire affects only personal life, it is written down (in the south), and the West is dedicated to children. You can write several desires at the same time, but afterwards it will be difficult to work with them. Have you written it? We select pictures. They can be drawn to be found in magazines or on the Internet. The main thing is that they fully correspond to your desire. After pasting the pictures in the center of the sheet, place your photo. The map should be placed in a prominent place. Your task: in the morning and in the evening for 15-20 minutes, looking at the map, in details to represent the desire already fulfilled. It can be done under meditative music, in complete silence, by candlelight or in the dim light. Repeat daily. With the right concentration, the brain will adjust to the right wave, and the desire will necessarily be fulfilled. If you want to know the details of the ritual, find a book with the same name.

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