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Feng Shui: What to do with an old wallet?

What to do with the old wallet? This question invariably arises in those who acquire a new container for money. Of course, you can just throw it away, but people's objects and experts in feng shui object to it. How can we do this so that the financial flow will never dry up?

When to buy a new wallet

What to do with an old wallet - a question,It is only when you buy a new thing. How often is it necessary to change the container for banknotes and coins so that the cash flow remains stable? Experts in Feng Shui recommend doing this at least once a year.

what to do with an old wallet

There are also signs thatit's time to change the product. The wallet will not attract money if it gets scrapes, holes, broken lightning and so on. All these "symptoms" indicate the need to acquire a new thing.

What to do with an old wallet: a sign

So, what to do to the person who gota new repository for money? What to do with an old wallet that is no longer used? It can be thrown away - the first thought that comes to mind. However, people's signs are categorically not recommended to do this. People who study feng shui agree with this.

what to do with old wallets

Getting rid of an unnecessary purse, both fromordinary garbage, a person runs the risk of blocking the cash flow. It is not excluded that his family will soon face financial difficulties soon after. It is possible to deal with the product that has served its due in different ways. It depends on whether it attracted material prosperity to the life of its owner or not.

"Unlucky" wallet

What to do with an old wallet, if he oftenwas empty, did not attract money? Even if the product turned out to be "unhappy", it is forbidden to throw it away. On the waning moon, it is necessary to conduct a magical ritual, thanks to which penniless remains in the past.

what to do with an old wallet signs

What you need to do with an old wallet, whichconstantly empty during use? To begin with, you need to get absolutely all the money out of the product. It is important that there is not a single penny left inside. The funds taken from the thing that has served its due date can not be spent on its own needs.

A trifle needs to be thrown out through the left shoulder, it's best to do it on the street. All bills should go either to purchase gifts for relatives and friends, or to help those in need.

Rituals of getting rid of the "unhappy" wallet

After making sure that there were no coins left in the wallet andit is necessary to wrap the product in a black cloth (any). Then the spell is pronounced: "Thank you for the faithful service. I say goodbye to poverty and need. " After that, the product is burned, you can use for this purpose a stove, a fireplace, a fire.

bought a new wallet what to do with the old one

Sometimes the opportunity to burn off the thingabsent. In this case, the product can be buried in the ground. It is desirable that the burial site is as far as possible from the house in which the owner lives. Leave it quickly, it's forbidden to look around.

«Happy» wallet

Suppose a man bought a new storehouse formoney or a woman bought a new purse. What to do with the old product, if during use it consistently attracted money? As in the previous case, a thing is strictly forbidden to throw.

There is a ritual,so that luck does not turn away. To begin with, you must take out absolutely all the money from the product. Then in it is put one denomination, which has a small denomination. For example, you can start with fifty rubles. After that, the purse is placed in a secluded place. A month later, the bill is replaced by a larger one. The ritual is repeated for six months, you can extend it to a year. Experts in Feng Shui say that by the end of the ritual, the last bill will no longer appear to the owner of the wallet, since his incomes will increase significantly.

There are some nuances that affect theresult of the ritual. It is believed that the replacement of notes should be made in a good mood. It is also important to allocate a place for the purse in the eastern part of the house.

We charge for wealth

What to do with old wallets? There are other rituals aimed at attracting material goods. For example, a thing that has served its due time can be charged to wealth. The duration of the ritual is ten days.

what to do with an old wallet

During the first three days, the old product should bealways be with its owner. In this case, a person should not look into it, get money. Having waited three days, it is necessary to take out the bills from the wallet, show them to the month and accompany this action with the words: "I am profit, you are power!". This ritual is repeated every night for the next seven days.

After that, the largestbill. This money must be spent on gifts to relatives and friends. It is desirable that the gifts were useful for them, aroused sincere joy. The largest of the bills received for delivery, is taken back to the purse, stored in it until the new moon.

For conspiracies to work

To conspiracy to work, what to do with the oldwallet? Signs warn the owner that during the rituals one should not allow others to touch the thing. We must either warn households not to touch the product, or securely hide it.

You can not spend money rituals in badmood. Otherwise, the result will be the opposite of what is expected. You can not have anyone see what's in your wallet. It is also desirable to hide from the surrounding fact of holding a magical ritual.

feng shui what to do with an old wallet

Choosing a new wallet

What to do with an old wallet - far from beingThe only question that a person who wants to attract financial prosperity to his life should ask himself. Much depends also on whether the new "dwelling" for money has been chosen correctly. If you focus on the postulates of feng shui, the product should have a rectangular shape. Its size should allow freely place bills in it in the unfolded state. Categorically do not suit wallets, in which money is crumpled, bend.

You need to make sure that the new wallethas a high-quality leather, durable color, working clasps. He should not have protruding threads, it is important and evenness of the seams. It is not necessary to overpay for the promoted brand, any quality product will do.

It is undesirable to purchase purses from plastic,polyethylene, leatherette, such products do not attract, but reflect the flow of energy. It is better to stop your choice of things made from genuine leather or suede, and the first option is most preferable.

Helpful Tips

What else can a person help art with feng shui? What to do with an old wallet and how to choose a new thing is the questions answered above. However, there are other secrets that are well known to prosperous people. For example, you can never leave your wallet empty. It is necessary to make sure that there is at least one ruble in it, as the money "sticks" to the money.

You can not mix bills and trifles, it is necessarykeep them in different compartments. Also, you need to make sure that the product always remains clean, there should not be any rubbish inside - checks, candy wrappers and so on.

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