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Prayer to Saint Matrona to help future mothers

Unfortunately, one of the frequent problems with whichyoung women face the impossibility of conceiving a long-awaited child. Expensive and long-term treatment does not help, taking away a lot of strength, and even non-traditional medicine can not return a woman the belief that she can become a mother. And when it suddenly turns out that all the proven means have already been tried, and the last hope seems lost, there comes a moment of silence. Time, familiar to every woman, unsuccessfully striving for motherhood - when inside only pain and emptiness. It was at this time that religion and love for God fills the woman's devastated and tormented heart. Faith gives hope, gives courage and removes despair. Prayer and humble petition, according to many today's mothers, work miracles. Especially the prayer of Saint Matron.

The Life of Saint Matrona

Blessed Matron appeared in the light of God in 1885year in a small village in the Tula region, being absolutely blind. However, the Lord gave the girl a spiritual vision, so that Matrona saw and felt not only the sins of men, but also their thoughts. From an early age, the Holy was famous for its ability to heal the sick, constantly reciting prayers for their salvation, and in return demanding only repentance to the Lord in sins and faith in Him. Sufferers came to Matronushka for help, and each one she accepted and helped, saying that it was God that healed through her. My mother helped and those women who wanted a baby, but could not conceive, family life helped to establish. She was meek and calm, the light from her emanated special. In 1925 Matrona moved to Moscow, where she lived until the end of her days. In 1952, the Holy Matron rested, predicting that after death they would go to her grave for help and relief from suffering. To each she promised to help, each promised to meet personally in the Kingdom of God.

Matron's Prayer for Conception

Until now, Matronushka has come to the grave,which is located at the Danilovsky cemetery in Moscow. First come women who believe that the Matrona's prayer for conception and a healthy pregnancy will help bear and give birth to the baby. They come, thank my mother and ask for a baby. Matrona, as in life, will listen to everyone, each will help. In response, he secretly asks that they remember about God, and repented in their sins before Him. Many women, now become happy mothers, wholeheartedly believed that the Holy Matrona's prayer will help to know the happiness of motherhood.

How to pray?

Many people ask: how to pray? Are there any conditions, rules, what, in the end, you need to do to be sure of the result? In prayer, as in love, there is no rule. Wishing only one thing: words must come from the heart, be sincere and simple. It is not necessary to believe that once read the prayer of Saint Matrona will help to immediately change the situation. The essence of each prayer is present, filled with a sincere desire to petition and faith in its fulfillment. If the heart is open to help, and reasonable arguments give way to faith in a miracle, there is a high probability that the Holy One will hear speeches. It is not even necessary to memorize by heart, for the very prayer of Matrona Moskovskaya about conception and family well-being is only a sincere request addressed to the Holy One. If there are words that are hotter and more sincere, you can pronounce them.

Absolutely not necessarily, in the absenceopportunities, to come to the grave of Matronushka. It is enough to buy an icon with the image of the Holy One and tell her about his grief, asking for help. Speaking every evening, the prayer of St. Matron will necessarily reach its addressee, the Holy One will certainly hear the suffering and will give the mother the joy of loving the long-awaited baby.

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