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Storm sewage - a device

Now fashionable paths near the house orasphalt, or spread with special tiles. When it rains, the water partially drains, and partially absorbed into the ground. But on asphalted or made with other coating tracks, she simply has nowhere to go. The same can happen if the soil is clayey. In addition, the water, draining from the roof, breaks the asphalt or any other coating, flows to the foundation of the building and slowly blurs it. Storm sewage is designed to solve the problem of removing rain and melt water and diverting it to the point of discharge. Depending on the terrain, buildings, the amount of rainfall, the technology of its construction is chosen.

storm water drain

Elements of the storm sewage system

The storm drainage of a country house consists ofdrainage receivers, draining water, draining from the roof, to the weir, trays, pipes and inspection wells. Normally, the most appropriate options are chosen for the money costs. In addition, to ensure that the livnevka is not clogged, protective gratings and sand catchers are provided.

Installation of rainwater receivers

Sprinklers are installed in places of accumulationwater. It can be places under drainpipes, in parking lots, on pedestrian paths and in other places where it can drain. In the rainwater collectors, sand and fuzzy soil accumulate. This prevents clogging of the entire system. In order to avoid trash cans and leaves, they are covered with grilles on top. And still they need to be cleaned from time to time. If there is a storm sewage system with one's own hands, then to install rainwater receivers, it is necessary to punch openings in the floor, and install the rainwater receivers on a layer of bituminous mastic.

The device of storm sewage

There is SNiP, storm sewage, independentlyfrom whom it will be designed and arranged, by a specialized organization or with its own hands, it must comply with the construction norms of this SNP. Collected in the rainwater, the water flows through the pipes to the collector or spillway point. If drainage is performed on the site, it also discharges water to the collector. Storm sewage can be made of PVC pipes with a diameter of 110 mm. They are installed under a slope, so that the water leaves by gravity. The slope should be maintained at a rate of 1 cm per 1 m of pipe. The rainwater pipes are deepened below the freezing level of the soil. You can not dig in deep pipes, but then they will have to be insulated to avoid the formation of ice jams. When building a system with your own hands, it is necessary to trace the territory, that is, to determine all the lines of passage of pipes, the location of the trays and wells, and then proceed with the direct construction of the storm shower. According to the marking, taking into account the depth of freezing of the ground, it is necessary to dig pits and trenches, then a sand cushion is arranged in the trenches and grooves, after which all the elements of the storm are laid, all necessary connections are made with water discharge and a well. Then all the elements are closed and lattices are installed.

storm sewage

Installation of manholes

Sightwells are installed in the turning placespipes and on rectilinear sections one for each 25 m of length. With the help of inspection wells, the system can be inspected and cleaned. Previously, such wells were laid out of bricks or arranged with the help of concrete rings. Today you can buy and install a plastic inspection well. Before the old designs, it has many advantages: it is sealed, corrosion resistant, durable, quick and easy to install and light in weight.

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Usually correctly designed and competentlyThe installed storm water drain serves for a long time. Periodically it is necessary to clean the debris from the debris. But it happens that there are blockages in the system, and then it is necessary to carry out hydrodynamic cleaning of the sewage system. This is done using special settings. Under the pressure of water, the blockage is removed, and the pipes are washed.

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