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Bath with own hands from foam blocks - inexpensive, reliable and practical

When it comes to building a bath, in mindfor some reason, images of buildings from a powerful wooden beam always emerge. Indeed, from time immemorial our ancestors built baths of wood, but today there are also alternative options.

Bath with your own hands from foam blocks
Bath, with its own hands of foam blocks built on the site, is just a practical and economical options.

What is popular about this material? It is relatively inexpensive, in accordance with the characteristics of construction standards, at the same time, the heat-shielding properties of this raw material is more than 2 times higher than that of brick. We can say that this is an artificial building material, it is made from a cement-sand mortar familiar to each and an additional special foaming agent. These additives can be a ready-made foam or be in the form of active substances foaming during the mixing of the solution. If you are faced with the question of how to build a Russian bath with your own hands, consider the fact that the foam in the block structure is distributed unevenly, which contributes to the accumulation of moisture, so it will be advisable to use additional waterproofing materials.

In order to bath, with their own hands from foam blocksbuilt on the site, was practical, you need to choose the right place for construction. Optimal option - level ground on a dense ground. The foundation of the bath is laid on the marking of a rectangular trench (50 cm - depth, 30 cm - width).

Turkish bath with their own hands
The frame is prepared from a reinforcement of 12 mm, forA horizontal wire is used with wire or a thinner reinforcement. If the trench is flat and dense soil, the concrete for the foundation can be poured without formwork, it is installed in this case only for the ground part. In the end, the total height of the foundation should be about 70 cm. After a while, when the concrete will gain strength, you can start laying the flushing sewer. The whole surface is covered with a layer of crushed stone, directly over which a layer of expanded clay can be laid as a thermal insulation. Sometimes for a better moisture protection in concrete add a special additive.

Then it begins to be drawndirectly our bath. With your own hands, foam blocks can be constructed using different designs. Specifically for the bath, the optimal material parameters will be as follows: M25 foam blocks, density D700, 10x30x60 cm. Stacking is carried out on the edge. Seams between the blocks make it as thin as possible to prevent heat loss during operation. The first block row is placed on the cement slurry (it is checked by level, adjustments are made with a rubber mallet). The second - with a shift of half a block, etc.

A few days after the construction of the walls, you can begin laying the rafters and horizontal timber under the roof.

How to build a Russian bath with your own hands
There are different options for erecting a roof,perhaps, the most simple - gable roof with a ridge in the middle. The rafters rest against the puffs and must dock with each other on the ridge with a thorn. Rafters for strength metal clips are associated with tightening. The distance between them is determined depending on the length of the roof (100 - 130 cm). It is also important to choose the right material for the roof. For example, if it is wood, then it must be only first-class and without knots. After the completion of the preparatory work on the crate is placed the roof.

As you can see, the bath, with their own hands from foam blocksbuilt on the site - it's quite real. And still relatively inexpensive, reliable and practical. Moreover, in visual and practical characteristics, this option can be no worse than the best Turkish bath. It's always done with quality for a long time. Good luck in your endeavors!

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