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Garden pruner - an indispensable tool in the suburban area

Secateurs are a tool that anyone needsgardener. It is applicable in many operations: pruning trees in the spring or autumn period, vaccination, cutting flowers and removing the bushes from shrubs. There are two main versions of the tool according to the principle of work: cutting or creasing. The first is intended for pruning live branches, the second for dry ones. It is worth getting acquainted with the types of tools.

Secateurs with ratchet mechanism

Undoubtedly, many gardeners will be interestedsecateurs with ratchet mechanism, which has a lever drive, allowing effortlessly to cut off branches up to four centimeters. To do this, push the handle until it stops. If you do not have a snack from the first time, you need to release the lower handle and press it again. At the same time, the pressure force is increased by 5 times. Among the tools with a ratchet mechanism, there are simply remarkable models. For example, a garden pruner can have a double-sided lock, which is convenient to switch between the right and left hand. When working, the hand protects the handle with the hilt, it has a built-in lubricator to clean the blades.

garden pruner

Wonder-secateur German production is not onlyhelps with ease to prune garden plants, but also preserves the fibers, allowing the wound to quickly tighten. Therefore, fruit trees and flowers are not sick. There are several versions of models that have a garden pruner, they are designed for different tasks. For example, the option with a self-sharpening blade and ratchet mechanism is used not only for garden work, but also for repairs in the house. There is a model with antislip liners, which prevent sliding of hands. Secateurs of European production (in particular, German) are produced with Teflon coating. Very convenient model with a lightweight body made of aluminum.

vaccine pruner

Universal secateurs

Garden pruners can be universal. These include the garden pruner Gardena, which is equally easy to trim the branches of garden plants, cut ropes or wire. Blades with toothed sharpening are made of stainless steel. One of them has a cutter, which is designed for wire. The handles of the instrument are ergonomically shaped, it fits comfortably in the hand. To safely store the garden pruner, you can switch the latch blocking the blade in just one motion. It can cut branches with a diameter of up to twelve millimeters.

ratchet secateur

The graft pruner

Tool for vaccinationtrees, can be called unique. He is also called a vaccination pistol. It enables even a budding gardener to succeed. Previously, everything depended on the person himself and the sharpness of the knife. High-tech septic grafting tool is made of high-quality steel and reinforced plastic. It is a professional device for working with plants. His knives have very strong blades with a jagged edge. They are resistant to wear. With its help, you can make very smooth and identical cuts in just 2 seconds. Therefore, full graft survival is achieved, since the graft and the stock are close to each other. The use of such a pruner will help grow fruit trees and harvest a good harvest.

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