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We make a house for the doll with our own hands

Everyone knows that girls like to play dolls,they can sit for hours and dress them in different outfits, imagining how their beautiful doll dances with the prince at a ball or strolls through the park. And how exciting is the game, if you make a house for a doll! With your hands at home, you can make not just a house, but a real fairy-tale castle. To do this, you just need to include imagination and remember the lessons of labor.

a doll house for yourself
Of course, in toy stores you can choosea doll house for every taste, but after all, a doll house with its own hands will not just be a toy, it will help a child realize his desires and fantasies, because it is so interesting to create something with his own hands. It is impossible to remain indifferent to such a venture, the process will involve and will interest both the child and the adult. In addition, I want to note that interested in such handicrafts not only girls, boys can also be interesting game in such a house with their ninjas or superhero men.
own hands furniture

So, where do you start making a doll house with your own hands and what will it take?

To begin with, you need to decide which onespupae make a house so that in the house built its inhabitants looked harmoniously. Then choose a material, for small dolls you can use boxes from under shoes, and for dolls of larger size, cardboard boxes will do. You can also calculate and make a structure made of wood or plywood. The house can be single-storey or have several levels, full admiration in the child will cause a multi-storey house in its growth.

simple house for dolls

Simple house for dolls

A simple house is made of cardboard orplywood, blanks are two identical rectangular figures, centered with slots: one from the bottom to the middle, the other from the top to the middle. With the help of these slots, the parts are combined into one structure and form four cross walls, in which holes for windows and doors can be cut.

Shelf as a house

Regular shelf with the right designit will easily turn into a house for a doll. With your hands a child can paste or paint the shelf in the right colors, on the walls you can draw windows and doors. If the rack is installed near the wall, then it can be glued on the wallpaper roof (or even painted), which will create the feeling of a real house.

furniture by yourself at home

Fantasy there is no limit

It is not necessary to fill the doll house with a purchasefurniture, because you can make it yourself. Furniture can be glued from matchboxes or boxes from spirits and creams, or plain cardboard. The main thing is to think over the piece of furniture and complement the box with the necessary elements. So, the box with the help of glue and tubules for juice will easily turn into a stool, and if you add a backrest to it, a chair will come out. The design of the boxes can turn into a sofa, an armchair or a bed. And taking a box of a larger size, you can make a table, for this one side of the box remains untouched, and from the four ribs coming down from it, the table legs are cut out. Ready furniture can be painted with paints, decorated with stickers. This is also very exciting activity, which is sure to please the child. As you can see, it's quite simple to make doll furniture with your own hands, the main thing is to stock up on everything necessary and to include smartness.

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