/ / Water drainage concrete trays: device and purpose

Water drainage concrete trays: device and purpose

Protection of buildings and structures for different purposes isan important task that can be organized through the right system. If the sewerage system is organized competently and qualitatively, this guarantees the absence of puddles, mud, stagnant water, as well as dampness in the event of precipitation, active thawing of snow, heavy rains. Such a system usually contains trays of drainage concrete, which are troughs of a special design, selected depending on the direction of movement of the drains, as well as channels that direct the flow of effluents to the city sewer. It is worth considering how they are arranged, and what are their features.

Water drainage concrete trays
Water drainage concrete trays: purpose

They are usually installed immediately when you bookmark alltypes of construction sites: industrial complexes, residential areas, cottage and holiday villages, highways and so on. Thanks to the creation of a reliable water diversion system that protects the foundations of buildings, it is possible to significantly extend their service life by maintaining the level of humidity on the territory. Excess of moisture not only has a detrimental effect on the characteristics of buildings, but is a beneficial environment in which mold and fungi will develop. Trays drainage concrete are durable and durable structures, which are made of reinforced concrete. On them lies the role of drainage. If the water drainage system is laid, then immediately after the rain, when the surface is still wet, it is completely free of streams and puddles.

Drainage Trays Concrete
How are the drainage chutes made of concrete?

Their production is carried out through a methodvibrocompression. As a result, products are obtained that are characterized by the highest degree of resistance to increased humidity, temperature changes, and also the action of corrosive substances. Trays drainage concrete as high as possible due to the fact that this method is considered the most effective. The production is carried out using extremely heavy grades of concrete reinforced by means of a steel frame. This ensures the versatility and unsurpassed strength of this type of product. A concrete drainage tray, the price of which is quite acceptable, can be used in the city or outside the city to ensure the diversion of water in residential areas or in industrial enterprises.

Tray drainage concrete price
This type of product can bevarious modifications, which differ in shape and size, which is justified by different purposes. The specific model is chosen depending on the approximate volume and pressure of the effluents, and also from the place of use.

Trays are produced in a certain length, whichallows to add from them the whole constructions of the necessary sizes. This way of laying is the most convenient. When buying trays, you must first determine the required length of the structure, and then calculate how many items you need to create it.

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