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Why do cats sleep at their feet, and is it good

Cats - perhaps the most mysterious andunknown from pets. Their attentive owners constantly face a huge number of questions. Why do pets dabble on the lap of the owner? Why do cats sleep in the legs or in the head? It is not always possible to find an answer, because it is sometimes impossible to understand furry family members.

why do cats sleep in their legs

How many centuries of cats are next to a person,it's hard to even imagine. Even at the dawn of civilizations in the countries of the East, they occupied a worthy place and even served as an object of worship. There is something mysterious about these animals that makes you not only love and admire them, but also respect them. As you know, every cat walks by itself. Unlike dogs who do not think their existence alone and in their relations with owners try to be in demand, cats do not need society. They love coziness, comfort, they do not mind eating well and abundantly. But no master can say for sure that his cat is devoted to him with all his body and soul. Some kind of a piece of his cat's complex soul, this animal leaves only for himself. Probably, that's why the owners are so eager to understand their pet, in order to get even closer to him. And they try to understand the misunderstood, at least why the cats sleep at their feet.

the cat sleeps in the legs
How they sleep

Cats are born hunters. And their activity is mainly in nature at night. However, for many years of communication with people these animals changed their habitual regime and sleep with them all night. But they also need to gain strength during the day, so they are ready to take a nap when a free minute falls. In total, the cats sleep at least 16 hours a day. And their sleep, like other predators, is very sensitive. It's enough quiet sound that the fuzzy rose from a soft warm place and rushed to run. Even if the cat is sleeping in the legs of the owner, and there seems to be no danger.

why the cat sleeps in the legs
Why does the cat sleep in the legs?

The only explanation for this cat's habitno. Some believe that it's just that the cats love the warmth, and the warmest place in the house - near the beloved master. However, not every person will allow a pet to climb up in the middle of the night, so they settle down at their feet. Here, natural caution also works: if a person turns in a dream, he may inadvertently pin down a small animal. And in the legs there is no such danger. Another explanation for why cats sleep in their legs is of a more mystical nature. According to the esotericists, any person is a conductor of cosmic energy. And in the upper part of the body the energy is light, positive, and closer to the legs is just going dark, negative. And cats are fed by negative energy, absorbing it, which, by the way, helps to improve the owner's well-being. For this, she is located at his feet. Many people believe that cats have the ability to heal. To do this, they just lay down on the sore spot and remove the accumulated negative energy from there. This is another reason to imagine why cats sleep in their legs.

A cat is an inimitable animal. It brings to the life of its owners not only warmth and affection, but also some variety. The cat will appreciate the love and care for her, she will kneel down to her beloved owner and thankfully purr, and at night sleep at his feet.

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