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A familiar stranger is a ribbon (cloth). What it is?

ribbon fabric what it is
The birth of a child is an exciting and joyful event. All loving parents want their baby to have all the best: food, toys and, of course, clothes. Moms dress their children like pupae. Buying suits, pajamas, caps, dresses and much more, parents pay attention not only to beauty, but also to the quality of the material. After all, children's skin is very sensitive, and the child in clothes, first of all, should be comfortable. That's why for the sewing of children's clothing use knitted riban. This fabric is great for children's skin, and adults are happy to wear outfits from it. But despite the popularity of this material, many people may have a question: "Ribana (cloth) - what is it?" This article will describe all the pros and cons of the material under the wonderful name of ribbon.

Ribana (cloth) - what is it?

The second name of this fabric is an eraser. From it they sew children's ryoshonki, hats, make edging necklaces of T-shirts, cuffs and much more. In appearance, this is a small elastic band of purl and facial loops. Thanks to a special double weaving, the canvas is the same on both sides. This material is made of 100% cotton with a slight addition of lycra. The ribbon fabric with lycra thanks to a special weaving and natural raw material has a high elasticity and hygroscopicity. In addition, it perfectly passes air. Clothing from the ribbon with proper care retains its shape for many years, and it can be washed at any temperatures and modes.

Ribbon with Lycra

how care for clothes from this material?

With regard to care, then everything is simple: The fabric is wiped, as mentioned above, easily, without any complications. But for drying there are subtleties. First, the products of the eraser do not need to be twisted, so that the jersey does not lose shape. And secondly, the eraser should be dried in a shady, well-ventilated place, avoiding direct sunlight. The fact is that in the sun tissue fibers can dry out unevenly, which will lead to deformation of the product.

Is it possible to sew clothes from this textile yourself?

The answer to this question is unequivocal: yes! From this jersey you can sew wonderful clothes not only for your kids, but for yourself. Manufacturers offer an incredibly diverse palette: from bright and cheerful tones to reserved-noble. So, you can sew a smart suit for your child and a beautiful turtleneck for yourself. For sewing, an overlock is needed, since the ribbon fabric is sufficiently strewed. What it is? This is a special machine for slicing the edges of the product. Needles are used for knitwear with a rounded point. With the help of this textile, you can give a second life to old things. If your favorite clothes have defects, then cut out colored pieces from the ribbon and boldly sew on the damaged place. So you not only hide the problem areas, but also make an original note.

Riban jersey

Where can I buy?

So, now you know the answer to the question: "Ribana (cloth) - what is it?" But where can you get it? In any store that sells textiles. But the broadest choice is provided by manufacturers in online stores.

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