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What is a sling-scarf. Winding for newborns: "Cross over your pocket", "Cradle", "Kangaroo"

The life of the new mother is full of worries, however,Today, a lot of adaptations have appeared, greatly facilitating the existence of women with babies. Excellent slings are slings. Recently, this accessory has become firmly established, because it allows the mother to solve many problems. The most popular of all slings for moms is using a scarf due to its convenience and versatility. For example, it is easy and quick to cope with household chores, visit public places, a sling-scarf will help to live a full life. Winding for newborns will provide the very small crumbs so much needed by Mom's warmth and mother's hands.

sling scarf winding for newborns

Recently, the active demand for mothers usednormal carrying for babies and a backpack-kangaroo. However, with the advent of slings they are using less and less demand. There are many reasons for this.

What is a sling-scarf?

Sling-scarf is a simple stripfabric rectangular shape without any buckles, belts, rings and other adjustments. It has several variants of length and width. So, for a slender mother, a shorter scarf will do, while for women of a large physique a longer sling will be ideal. Thus, sling-scarves have the sizes S, M, L. Correctly selected size will provide the most convenient position of the baby. The weight of the crumbs will be distributed evenly on the thigh, abdomen or back of the mother, which will reduce the burden on the back, exclude a sense of heaviness.

Cloth is important!

When choosing a sling, it is important to pay special attention to the material from which it is made.

Carry for babies

The fabric from which the sling is sewn can be thinner for a warm period and denser for cold weather:

- Sling-scarf made from natural cotton is very soft, yet dense enough and capable of pinpointing the child during wearing, suitable for toddlers of different ages;

- Slings of knitwear are pleasant to the touch, light, at the same time perfectly fit the baby's body and fix its position well, ideal for small crumbs at the age of 6-10 months;

- silk scarves are ideal for the summer period and are great for newborns, but because of the special properties of the fabric, there may be some difficulty in winding the beginner's slings;

- Sling-scarf made of bamboo has a special tenderness and softness, it is universal, as it is suitable for the smallest crumbs, and for grown-up children;

- a scarf made of linen has a very dense structure, designed for the summer period and for grown up crumbs;

- Sling scarves made of fabric with wool add warmth, softness, they are simply created for the autumn and winter period, they are universal in terms of support.


No device for carrying childrenwill provide such safety, as slings for newborns. Reviews of moms and recommendations of doctors allow you to choose exactly on the sling-scarf. The use of babies in it is confirmed by specialists in the field of pediatrics and orthopedics. The most important advantage of a sling-scarf is that the load on the spine and shoulder girdle is distributed evenly. It should be noted that no other carrying for babies does not guarantee the baby a physiological, and therefore safe, position. Scarf is great for babies and for older children. This accessory is ideal for long walks and travel. And the various ways of winding a sling-scarf help mom to carry the child in any position, it is only necessary to master certain skills. In a horizontal position, the sling keeps the baby, like her mother's hands. And in the vertical legs of the child widely divorced, which ensures the correct formation of the hip joints. How to tie a sling-scarf for a newborn, we'll talk further.

"Cradle" for the little ones

In the first weeks of his life, a newborn babyvery weak, he can not keep the head on his own, his back is not strong. Mom's closeness and warmth - that's what gives peace to the baby in this period. Winding the sling-scarf for newborns "Cradle" will help ensure a full replacement of the mother's hands, since the head and back of the crumbs are in the correct position. To master this kind of winding, for a start you can practice on a soft toy or doll. And most importantly - the desire and understanding of how it is important for the development of the child. Usually, newborns are well acquainted with the sling.

winding sling scarf for newborn cradle

So, the first thing to do is to attach a sling-scarfmiddle to the waist and wind back the tails, crossing them, throwing on the shoulders. Then grab the tails from the front, get them under the transverse strip of tissue that is on the stomach, and cross again. Thus, the outer and inner parts of the cross appear, while the latter is closer to the mother's body. It remains to get the tails back and tie the knot on the back.

After trying several times, my mother will understand and determinefor yourself, how to tie a sling scarf for a newborn, how much to leave space for a baby in the resulting "cradle". The main thing is to make sure that the cloths lie flat and do not twist.

Calm, only calm!

"Cradle" - a very convenient way of winding slingsfor newborns. Testimonials of experienced slingoms are reported that the baby becomes much calmer. After all, what could be worse than weeping for your crumbs. However, such a simple, but effective variant of wearing a child helps to cope with evening crying and increased excitability and even relieve infantile colic. Specialists have established the relationship: the closer the child is to his mother, the less reason for concern. The "Cradle" winding satisfies the very first and such important children's needs and helps mother to easily survive the wearing period on her hands. What else is needed for happiness? To hear the sound of my mother's heart, to smell her, to feel a strong connection with the closest person.

"Cross over your pocket"

What else is so convenient for a sling-scarf? Winding for newborns and grown-up children "Cross over the pocket," or the KNK, as it is called slinggokonsultanty, is a very comfortable and popular way of carrying. In this winding, Mom will manage to do household chores, walk, ride in public transport. In this case, the child will always be warm, easy to fall asleep, or be able to observe what is happening around, which means that it will become fully developed.

how to tie a sling scarf for a newborn

In addition to convenience, wearing in this position providesthe physiological position of the legs, bent at the knee joints and dilated in the hip joints. Such a situation is useful for the prevention of dysplasia and even is applicable in treating the mild degree of this ailment.

How to master the winding of the CNC?

"Cross over your pocket" is quite easy to learn. So, first, the mother needs to find the middle of the scarf and put it on her stomach. At the same time cross over behind and put on your shoulders. The tissue on the abdomen is harvested. Thus, a pocket is formed in front. Slightly pulling the edges of the panels, you need to pull the pocket along the chest, while it is important to ensure that the top edge of the fabric was slightly above the chest, and the bottom - at the level of the mother's stomach. Then you need to put the baby on your shoulder, while placing your free hand down under your pocket, and catch the baby's legs. Straighten the fabric on the back of the baby. The lower side of the formed pocket should be filled under the ass and legs of the child.

Cross over your pocket

Now mother should take the crumb under the knees andplace it in the pocket of the scarf. It is important to ensure that the legs do not hang. It remains to pull the child on both sides, so that it is more securely fixed in the pocket. To do this, you need to pull on the scarf, so as not to drop the baby, you need to lean back slightly. For the next step of winding, cross the cloth on the back of the baby in such a way that the edges are tucked under the butt. The ends of the sling scarf should be tied to a double knot at the back, this will help relieve the load from the shoulders and back. The final touch will be the removal of tissue from the neck and the stretching of the cloth on the back.

Winding "Kangaroo"

Another very convenient kind of sling for mothers who decided to master a sling scarf is the winding for newborns and premature babies "Kangaroo".

It is necessary to put the child in the middle of the scarf,pull up to the navel between the legs of the lower lip and turn the baby on the barrel. Support with one hand the head, and the other with the back. Then you should carefully pick up the crumb with the scarf and place it with your belly to your belly. It is important to remember that the fabric on the back of the baby should be stretched. Then the panels fall back, behind the back. The upper and lower edges of the sling change places. Then mum throws a cloth on the arm and shoulder. The lower edge is in the hand, and the upper edge is in the neck. The same actions are done with the second cloth. The head of the child is just below the chin of the mother, and the legs are spread out to the width, comfortable for the baby. Now it remains to pull up the cloth, bring them under the ass of the baby and tie the knot.

Close to my mother

It is no accident for young children has become irreplaceablesuch an adaptation as a sling-scarf. Winding for newborns "Kangaroo" is ideal even for babies born before the term, because they, like no one, need mother's warmth.

Ways of winding a sling-scarf

This method of winding gives the child a powerful stimulusfor further development, growth, as it completely satisfies the need for proximity and security. Staying on the hands of the mother gives an impetus to the development of the musculoskeletal and vestibular apparatus, develops the endocrine, immune and nervous systems, provides stimulation of breathing, digestion and blood supply.

Strength - in my mother's arms

In conclusion, we can summarize: You can use a sling-scarf from birth, but to what age, each mom will decide for herself. At first it may seem that the windings are laborious enough, however, trying again and again and assessing the comfort of their use, the mother can no longer refuse to use the scarf. With colic, poor health and mood, with teething teeth sling will ease the mother's movement and calm the baby. A woman with a child in her arms will be able to do almost everything and not feel thrown out of life. It is no accident that from time immemorial the parents tied the children to themselves in all available ways.

slings for newborns reviews

After all, every woman dreams that her childgrew up healthy and happy. When wearing a baby on his hands, a powerful foundation of psychological and physical health is laid for the rest of his life.

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