/ / Men's portfolios of genuine leather - a symbol of well-being and status in society

Men's portfolios of genuine leather - a symbol of well-being and status in society

It's hard to imagine a business person,whose pockets of a strict elegant costume are clogged up with small things necessary for a man (a purse, documents, keys, a mobile phone, etc.). To store them, as well as business papers, men's briefcases are made of genuine leather. They give the person solidity, speaking of their owner no less than shoes, watches or clothes.

men's briefcases made of genuine leather

A high-quality and expensive men's briefcase for the firstthe view seems somewhat conservative, decorated with restraint and strictness, devoid of excessive decor, multifunctional. This is a very important accessory for a business person, and his choice should be approached carefully.

Men's leather briefcases are made of several types:


- case;

- portfolio.

More often the case is called a diplomat. This is a narrow bag, shaped like a box. As a rule, its size corresponds to the sheet of paper A3. It is this size documents most often transferred to them by businessmen.

Portfolio is a portfolio folder resembling a case, but without a handle. He is worn under his arm or in his arm. In fact, this is a traditional folder, but with retractable handles.

Men's briefcases from leather

Flat men's briefcases of genuine leather are called attachés. Long ago, such portfolios were worn by diplomats who served in the embassies.

It is worth noting that this is necessary, but notcheap accessory. Sometimes male portfolios made of genuine leather turn into luxury items. For example, the models made by the designer Beau Reid, are created for owners of supercars: they perfectly blend with the style in which very expensive cars are decorated. These men's briefcases of genuine leather are painted in accordance with the exterior and interior of the car. Such accessories cost more than ten thousand dollars.

The products of the famous German brand Seeger alsobelongs to the class of luxury. Portfolios of this company are distinguished by excellent quality of the skin, which was called cashmere. It has a very complex manufacturing technology. Within a few weeks, the skin of young lambs softens in a special way. At the same time, it retains its strength. The price of such a portfolio varies from three to five thousand dollars.

Italian men's briefcases

In Europe, there are many manufacturers producingleather portfolios of the highest quality. However, the recognized leaders for several decades are the Italian masters, who have long been considered lawmakers of various accessories for a long time. Their products are exquisite, and many models are unique.

Italian men's briefcases are known for theirbeautiful quality, stylish and original design, durability. The offered assortment can satisfy the needs of buyers of different levels of prosperity.

In Russia, the Italian company Tony is popularPerotti, which specializes in making accessories from leather. The products of this brand are practical, convenient to use, has an excellent design, functional, is characterized by high-quality interior upholstery, which allows you to wear your phone and tablet without damage.

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