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How to name a child born in August under the sign of Leo

When does the question of how to namea child born in August, one can follow the Orthodox tradition and give it a name depending on which saint is honored on the date of birth or the date of baptism, which is recorded in the certificate of the sacrament. Girls can get the name closest to the chosen date holy, because not every day there are corresponding names. It also happens that a person has two names: one is given at baptism, of which only a narrow circle of relatives knows, and the second is secular, which is called "in the world."

how to name a child born in August
In this case, the name can be chosen based on the signZodiac and those qualities that you would like to see in your child. Because the saying "How to call the ship, so it will float" is partly true. How to name a child born in August, depends on what specific date he was born into. If the birth took place before August 23, then the child is a zodiac Leo, and if afterwards the Virgin.

Lions are energetic, powerful people whodiffer independence, brightness, energy. The lion is sociable, active, as a rule, leads the team. The names for this zodiac sign often read "A" or sound briefly and firmly. For example, men are suitable names: Artem, Alexei, Abram, Bogdan, Herman, Zahar, Ilya, Nikolai, Roman, Rostislav, Jan. Women - Alla, Daria, Diana, Lydia, Love, Regina, Ella, Elvira, Julia.

how correctly to name the child
How to name a child born in August after23 of the day? Zodiac Virgins are cold-blooded, methodical, rational people, distinguished by good analytical abilities and care for their own health. The names for the Dev boys are more relaxed: Valentin, Gleb, Gennady, Denis, Nikita, Stepan or Timothy. Suitable options for girls: Anastasia, Irina, Xenia, Taisia, Tamara or Tatiana.

How correctly to name the child at birth, tohis name was suitable throughout his life - a difficult question, since the main features of character are not yet visible. But psychologists do not recommend giving kids too exotic names. It is believed that such children, not having the original prerequisites to stand out from the general mass, have a less stable nervous system, and therefore often fall into various difficult situations. They are more eccentric, which corresponds to the status of their unusual name.

the names of boys by month
In some cases, parents do not think abouthow to name a child born in August, and give him a name that does not match, for example, the sign of the Zodiac. This can play a positive role, mitigating, for example, the willed character of the zodiac Leo, who was called Veniamin, and perhaps attach unnecessary determination to the zodiacal Virgo, who was named Kira.

The names of boys by months in accordance with thoseor other rules can be found in numerous sources of information. Maybe it's worth collecting all the information together and choosing a name that is most suitable for a child. Or you can ask for help from an astrologer who will help you choose the right name for the sign of the Zodiac and the most powerful planet for a particular hour and birthday of the child.

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