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Auction Russian House. Increasing assets

"Auction Russian House" is an auction site for classical and electronic auctions. He is engaged in the sale of public and private property on the territory of Russia.

The joint-stock company "The Auction House of Russia" was established by a decree of the Russian government on August 19, 2009.

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The founders were:

  • The public joint-stock company "Sberbank" is the largest commercial bank in Russia.

  • The company "Russian Jeweler" - a partner and an expert in antiques.

  • The Russian Guild of Managers and Developers is a conglomerate of 350 largest developers and investment companies in the Russian market.

To date, the "Russian Auction House" has sold assets worth more than 160 billion rubles. 102.7 of them were sold on classic trades and 58.2 billion on electronic auctions.

The main services of "Rad"

"Auction Russian House" renders services in the sale and valuation of property of large state and private owners.

The list of the main services of the "Russian auction house" (abbreviated "RAD"):

  • Buying and selling real estate.

  • Sale of property of the public sector.

  • Sale of defaulted assets (companies in the bankruptcy stage).

  • Services of federal and regional privatization.

  • Conducting the procurement procedure on electronic platforms.

  • Services for sale and sale of collateral (in cooperation with Sberbank).

  • Services in support of transactions with residential real estate.

  • Services for rapid assessment of the object online - a novelty of the company.

The main sphere of the company's professional interests is the implementation of public sector objects, banking structures and large business in the private sector.

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Related Services

The company also offers an accompanying service for organizing promotional events and valuing lots.

  • Consulting service - a range of consulting services (formation of an investment memorandum, marketing research, presentation of an advertising campaign).

  • The services for renting a room are designed to hold events of any format. The company offers a high-level, technically equipped room that can accommodate up to 150 people.

  • Advertising services - the realization of the facility's potential through a competent and wide advertising campaign for subsequent sale at an auction at the highest possible price.

These services are offered by the company both on classic auctions and on the electronic trading platform lot-online.ru.

"Russian Auction House": employee feedback

What do people who work there think about it? "Auction Russian House" for the seven-year history of the market has earned the reputation of a good employer. In the company, due to their specificity, they place high demands on the qualification of personnel and value expert knowledge in their field.

"RAD" offers a competitive salary,good working conditions, social package and full compliance with the requirements of the Labor Code of the Russian Federation. Invests large resources in training and development of personnel. Implements programs of non-material motivation.

Russian auction house reviews

"Russian Auction House": reviews

"Russian Auction House" has a highexpertise in the field of buying / selling real estate, assessing the investment attractiveness of an object or business and the effectiveness of financial investments. A colossal experience (over 160 billion rubles of sold assets) and a wide geography of sales helped the auction house to win an impeccable reputation and grateful customer feedback.

Among the partners of "RADA" are the largest representativesbranches: PJSC Sberbank of Russia, Moscow City Government, PJSC BinBank, Ministry of Defense, PJSC Russian Networks, PJSC FGC UES, PJSC Russian Railways, PJSC Gazprom - and this is not a complete list. The company is rightfully considered one of the largest companies in Russia in the field of real estate transactions.

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