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How to find out where a person works: practical advice and recommendations

Employment is an important element of lifepractically all adult citizens. In Russia, you can have one main job, as well as part-time work. Employers and ordinary people often wonder how to find out where a person works. This information in some cases is extremely useful. Next, you will learn all about how you can get information about the place of employment of a citizen. Is it possible to use this method in general? How effective are the secrets and recommendations that the population gives to each other in practice?

how to find out where a person works

Real chances

To understand all this is not so easy as it seems. Is it possible to find out where a person works in some way?

As practice shows, there are real chances for realizing the idea. And they are not that small. Although, according to citizens, much depends on the characteristics of employment.

To date, there are several theories, according to which you can get information about the workplace of each. Is not this a fraud? What will help to translate this task into reality?

We ask the employee

The first advice that citizens give each other is simply to ask the appropriate question to the person. This is the most effective and widespread version of the development of events.

How can I find out where a person works? Just ask him about a career. Usually people are happy to tell where they work. Only this method does not give a 100% guarantee that the information obtained will be reliable. Therefore, some prefer to "punch" each other in many ways. Which ones?

On "punching" people

To date, with the help of some tipsand recommendations you can get quite a lot of data about the citizen. "Punching" people - this is a good, albeit not always an effective method for solving the previously set task.

how can I find out where a person works

Most often for the implementation of the idea is usedthe Internet. How do you know where a person works? For example, by last name or other personal information? Is that "punch" it. For this, there are specialized services and sites.

It can be said with certainty that with the help of "punching" people on these or other data, it is suggested to find out the following information:

  • the existence of arrears;
  • TIN of a citizen;
  • whether the person is wanted;
  • availability of records in court;
  • on bankruptcy;
  • whether there are court decisions involving the citizen;
  • whether the person conducts entrepreneurial activity;
  • learn about the validity of the passport;
  • to find out the education of a citizen.

All this with 100% probability can be found out using a variety of Internet services. For example, through the site of court bailiffs of the Russian Federation or through the portal "State Service", as well as pages of the Federal Tax Service.

And how do you know where a person works? For this, as a rule, there are a number of third-party services. With the help of certain sites for personal information (name, for example), it is proposed to "punch" a citizen and get as much data about him as possible. Including the place of employment.

In practice, these sites turn out to befraudulent. They either do not give out the promised data, or simply raise people for money. Therefore, one should not believe the pages that promise 100% to determine where a citizen is employed.

can I find out where a person works

Social networks

But this does not mean that you can not realizeput the idea into practice. How can I find out where a person works by last name, first name and patronymic? Modern, though not 100%, is the study of user profiles in social networks.

The thing is that the Internet has become an inalienablepart of the life of the population. In social networks, questionnaires store a lot of useful information about citizens. There you can find information about education, personal life, family, as well as career.

Accordingly, after thoroughly studying social networks, people are able to obtain information about the employment of a citizen. Of course, if the owner of a questionnaire indicated the data about the work.

Most often in Russia use the following social networks:

  • "In contact with";
  • FaceBook;
  • "Classmates."

It is with these services that we are invited to workFirstly. In the search, data are collected about the citizen, after which his questionnaire is studied. Usually, information about employment is displayed in the column "Career" or "Place of work".

Search Engines

How do you know where a person works? The next method of solving this problem is the use of various kinds of search engines. They can often find information that is not available on social networks.

It is recommended that you open a search site, thenA search string to write information about a citizen who is "pierced." After that, examine the system's results. It is likely that somewhere on the Internet there is data about the place of work of a person. Only, as practice shows, this is by far not the most successful method. Often it does not bring any result.

Requests to authorities

You can go another way. It is usually agreed by a variety of employers. After all, according to the law, a citizen can have only one basic place of work. All the rest is part-time work, which has its own peculiarities.

How to find out where a person works by last name

How do you know where a person works? There are no legislative acts and laws on this issue in Russia. Instead, you can encounter the following situations and resolve them with the methods listed below:

  1. Official employment. In this case, you can file a request with the FIU for contributions for a citizen. In addition, data on the place of work should be kept in the tax service at the place where the employee is registered.
  2. Unofficial employment. It is proposed to request a certificate of income from a person. It should also be noted that under similar circumstances it is usually not possible to find out where a citizen works.

Many say that requests to the FIU and the Federal Tax Service are in principle not legal. In order for the relevant authorities to issue one or another information about a citizen, the applicant must have grounds for carrying out the process.

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