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Correct landing of Victoria in the autumn: take care of the early harvest

The best time to lay a new bedstrawberries is considered the end of May, as young seedlings will have time to grow stronger over the summer and turn into strong bushes. Those who expect to get the first harvest in May, it is recommended to plant a Victoria in the autumn.

landing victoria in the fall

The strawberry is propagated by the rooting of the mustache,which are formed on the bushes in the middle of summer. Young climbing shoots with leafy rosettes on the ends are slightly grounded and take root near the mother's bush, and in August-September they separate and transplant to the prepared bed. Planting of Victoria in autumn is optimal because of suitable weather conditions, because in the first half of September it is not hot, it is quite humid and far to frost. In addition, a rainy day does not prevent the laying of a new bed, but promotes better rooting of strawberries.

The correct landing of the Victoria is carried out inwell-prepared soil. For a new garden it is better to choose a place that is already released in mid-summer from under onion, garlic, dill, spinach, salad and other greens. Good predecessors, and at the same time siderates, are peas or beans. It is possible to grow other siderates for strawberries, it is advisable to choose those that grow rapidly and form a sufficient vegetative mass - phacelia, olive oil, mustard, rape and others. By the time of rooting the mustache, grown siderates will already be an excellent organic fertilizer.

Correct landing of Victoria

Instead of siderates, you can fertilize the beds forstrawberries with potash phosphorus fertilizers, make compost. Recommended before planting seedlings roots dip into the solution mullein, diluted in a ratio of 1: 3. An approximate scheme for planting a Victorian is 30x60 cm, where 30 is the distance between the holes, and 60 is between the rows. In each hole, you can plant 2-3 rooted shoots to exclude empty spaces in case of failure.

In the rest, the landing of the Victoria in the autumn is madesimilarly to spring. It is important to choose the depth of the hole so that the root system is completely hidden beneath the ground, and the growth bud is on the surface of the soil. The young bed should be properly watered, loosening the soil between the rows. Mandatory mulching with sawdust or straw to protect from colds and first frosts.

landing scheme for Victoria

Planting of the Victoria in autumn can be carried out onagrovolokno. To do this, the soil with the prepared wells is covered with a special cloth, letting moisture and air in, but preventing evaporation of moisture. Agrotextile fabric is fixed by driving pegs, making incisions in the locations of the holes, where the plants are carefully placed together with the ground on the roots. We sprinkle a young patch.

Agrofibre protects strawberries from somepests, prevents the emergence of weeds, and most importantly, reliably protect Victoria in winter, acting as a reliable heater. The berries of strawberries grown with the help of agrotextile are always clean and appetizing, they are easy and convenient to assemble - just mow the rows between the rows with sawdust.

In the spring, you need to take care of the young garden: remove the last year's withered leaves, loosen the ground, mulch with sawdust to protect against possible frost.

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