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Cucumber Atlantis: description of variety, dignity, reviews

Cucumber Atlantis, bred by Bejo Zaden,is one of the earliest and very productive varieties. The variety is included in the State Register and is intended for growing in small farms, as well as in household plots.

Cucumber Atlantis

Variety description

Cucumber Atlantis is a bee-dusted hybrid,ripening for 40-43 days from the emergence of seedlings. Zelenets is intended not only for fresh consumption, but also for pickling. He has excellent taste.

The plant is resistant to powdery mildew, downy mildew, mosaic virus, cladosporium and a number of other diseases.

Cucumber has a rich green color. Fruits are lined, about ten centimeters long and about three inches thick. Weight - about a hundred grams. The surface of the green is spiny. The flesh is dense, crisp, juicy and without bitterness.

During the vegetation, the plant forms powerful shrubs of medium lameness. With proper care from one square meter of plants, you can get more than ten kilograms of greens.

Atlantis Cucumber Reviews

The advantages of the variety over others

Variety of cucumbers Atlantis has a number of advantages over other varieties and hybrids:

  • high productivity;
  • excellent productivity even in a lean year;
  • resistance to many diseases of cucumbers;
  • universal purpose;
  • excellent marketable appearance;
  • Even fruits in size and weight.

The harvested crop is capable of preserving its marketable appearance throughout the crescent.

The variety can be grown both outdoors andand in greenhouses. On some small farms, the plant is grown in winter greenhouses. However, with this method of cultivation, the whips are stretched. This is due to lack of lighting.

Peculiarities of growing

Cucumber Atlantis refers to indeterminatehybrids, which are most often grown by direct planting in the soil. With this method of cultivation, the land should be heated to 15 degrees, and the air temperature should not fall below 18 degrees. The soil must be moist. Seeds are embedded in the soil to a depth of not more than three centimeters. Five days later, the first shoots appear. To accelerate the germination, the ridges with crops are recommended to cover with a film.

Cucumber Atlantis can be grown seedlingsway. To do this, use peat or disposable cups, the volume of the latter should be at least half a liter. With this method of sowing, harvesting begins two weeks earlier than when grown through direct seeding in the soil.

Growing planting material directly dependsfrom the quality of the ground. To obtain good seedlings of cucumbers, it is recommended to mix peat, humus, sand, forest land in a ratio of 2: 1: 1: 2. The composition is necessarily added mineral fertilizer at the rate of 20 grams of saltpeter and 15 grams of superphosphate per bucket of soil.

Cucumber Atlantis Description

Terms of sowing

According to the description, Atlantis cucumbers are ideal for growing not only outdoors, but also in greenhouses. Based on where the plant will be grown, the sowing period is selected.

For growing a plant in an open field, sowingYou can start when the night temperature does not drop below eighteen degrees. In each region, this indicator is individual: in one crop is carried out at the end of April, and somewhere in the beginning of June, there may be frosts.

When growing in a greenhouse, the plant can be sown earlier. Terms depend on the availability of heating: if the greenhouse is winter, then the plant can be cultivated throughout the year.

How to care

Rules of agricultural technology for cucumbers Atlantispractically do not differ from the cultivation of other varieties, although there are some differences. This plant is able to form ovaries even in conditions of poor lighting and shading. Otherwise, the withdrawal is as follows:

  • In the first days after planting the seedlings, it is provided with good watering. That the plant does not burn, in the early days should be pritenit whips.
  • Watering plants should be in the evenings with warm water.
  • To ensure that the seedling does not freeze, a temporary shelter is erected over the ridges. Even if the landing was carried out in a greenhouse, it is better not to take risks, and additionally make a hothouse and cover the cucumbers.
  • As the plant develops, a garter of the lashes is carried out. This method will allow the bushes to hurt less, and the summer resident will be able to get clean cucumbers, which are easy and pleasant to collect.

During growing several times per seasonyou will need to fertilize the plants. It is necessary to do this in order that they develop correctly. As fertilizer is better to use mullein. If it does not exist, then any mineral fertilizer for cucumbers will do.

Variety of cucumbers Atlantis

Opinions of gardeners

According to reviews, cucumbers Atlantis have an excellentgermination. These seeds are considered to be among the best for growing in suburban areas, since they do not need special conditions and are able to grow well even with shading. Also the variety is very popular among farmers. This is due to the fact that it can be grown all year round in winter greenhouses, receiving stable high yields even under unfavorable winter conditions.

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