/ What are the manifestations of patients with urethritis? Symptoms, causes and treatment

What are the manifestations of patients with urethritis? Symptoms, causes and treatment

Urethritis (inflammation of the urinary tract) -a fairly common disease that affects adults and children. Signs of manifestation in women are difficult to determine, since they are similar to cystitis. The diagnosis is based on the analysis of urine, in it the share of leukocytes is increased. Often observed mucous or purulent discharge in patients with urethritis. Symptoms, as a rule, depend on the stage of the disease.

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Main reasons

Urethritis can be of two types: non-infectious and infectious. The second group includes trichomoniasis and gonorrhea urethritis. The causative agents of nonspecific inflammation are mycoplasmas, chlamydia, viruses, fungi, ureaplasma. Most of the disease is transmitted through sexual contact. It can appear as a result of ingestion of the E. coli, pneumococcus and streptococcus into the urethra.

You should know that this pathology is susceptible toabsolutely all people. Patients may not know that they are sick with urethritis. Symptoms occur after a few days. Most often, a person has painful sensations after or during a bladder emptying, burning and itching. If you do not take therapeutic actions, then the pathology is transformed into a chronic one, and then the clinical picture will be less pronounced.

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Why does the inflammation of the urethra occur in children?

This disease in young children is observedrarely, it is provoked by bacteria, which cause the inflammatory process in the urethra. In addition, against the background of hypothermia, the presence of trauma and stagnant phenomena, urethritis in children may appear. Symptoms (treatment is prescribed after diagnosis) are usually expressed, the baby has frequent urge to urinate, pain, itching and burning.

Together with urine often go mucous whiteselection. Such manifestations indicate that the disease is in the acute phase, and immediate therapy is required. The doctor usually prescribes antibacterial drugs, physiotherapy, instillation (drip injection) of medications into the urethra and immunomodulators.

How dangerous is urethritis in pregnancy?

urethritis in pregnancy symptoms

Symptoms are almost the same as the restpeople: frequent urination, the appearance of the urine in the urine, the secretion of urine (involuntarily), heaviness in the abdomen, burning. Appear disease can occur against a background of reduced immunity and hormonal imbalance, if the body already had an insignificant number of opportunistic microbes.

Urethritis for pregnant women is fraught with seriouscomplications. The probability of development of pathological processes in the embryo is great. The presence of infection can provoke premature birth, which is why it is important to eliminate the disease without harming the health of the mother and baby. Mandatory treatment is carried out by pregnant women, patients with urethritis. The symptoms described above are an alarming "bell" for seeking medical help.

Standard Treatment

After finding out the cause of the disease, the doctor prescribes the optimal treatment. In a number of cases it includes:

- Physiotherapy,

- reception of antibiotics, antifungal and antiviral agents,

- immunotherapy,

- local treatment with the use of instillations.

In combination with medicines,apply dietary supplements and herbal remedies. Combined treatment promotes complete recovery. Remember that mandatory therapy should be given to a patient with a detected urethritis. Symptoms can be very severe, and not very much. If suspicious manifestations do not hesitate with the diagnosis.

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