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Glaucoma - symptoms and therapies

Glaucoma is called eye disease, in whicha strong increase in intraocular pressure is observed. Doctors divide it into primary and secondary. The etiology is not fully understood until the end, and the second appears as a complication of a number of different diseases: intraocular tumors, iridocyclitis and many others.

Glaucoma: causes, symptoms, treatment

glaucoma symptoms

In the eye of a person is constantly maintainedcertain pressure. This is achieved by the constant movement of fluid inside the eyeball. When eye disease such as glaucoma occurs, the symptoms of which are manifested rather quickly, this circulation is disrupted, and as a consequence, the pressure increases. The optic nerve begins to experience increased stress, and blood circulation is also impaired. As a result of such changes, signals from the eye stop coming into the brain. At first it manifests itself just a small loss of vision, but then peripheral vision disappears and the zone of visibility decreases significantly. If the disease is not treated, then partial or complete blindness may occur. The seriousness of the disease confirms the fact that all changes in the eye are irreversible. Symptoms of glaucoma in the eye make it possible to divide it into two forms: closed-angle and open-angle. In the first case, the fluid begins to accumulate due to the fact that the iris of the eye begins to interfere with natural drainage, and in the second - because of a violation of the drainage system.

Glaucoma - symptoms and medication

symptoms of eye glaucoma
Glaucoma is usually treated with specialmedicines, allowing to reduce the pressure of fluid inside the eye of the patient. However, this method has a number of serious drawbacks. Firstly, with long-term use, the effectiveness of some agents may be significantly reduced due to the influence of human immunity and the ability of the body to get used to almost everything. After a while, it is necessary to increase the dose of drugs, which affects the patient in a negative way. Also, drugs that reduce blood pressure, very often worsen blood circulation in the eye and contribute to the development of cataracts. It has long been known that medical treatment does not eliminate the reason for the appearance of glaucoma, the symptoms are removed, but this approach to treatment is inexpedient.

Glaucoma: surgical treatment

glaucoma causes symptoms of treatment
Glaucoma, the symptoms of which significantly reducethe patient's vision is most often treated with the help of special operations, when the doctor forms new ways of fluid outflow from the eyeball - non-penetrating sclerectomy and deep sclerotomy. The first feature is the fact that the operation passes without invasive intervention, which significantly reduces the risk of various complications and almost doubles the period of postoperative recovery. In the case of an angle-closure glaucoma, an iridectomy operation is used, which is designed to improve the circulation of fluid between the eyeball chambers. The main problem of such treatment is the extremely strong regenerative capacity of the organ, which can quickly heal created drainage pathways, which will reduce the efforts of doctors to no.

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