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Olga Freimut: biography, photo, personal life

Olga Freimut - famous morning presenterprogram "New Channel", which is called "Rise." It was there, according to Freimut, her creative biography and all her personal life changed. Her fans often write about the style and advice of this TV presenter very helpful.

Olga Freimut (biography, husband, photo, career andother information will be discussed in this article) - one of the most famous persons of television in Ukraine. Being educated and stylish, she became famous thanks to the show "Inspector". And in 2014 this presenter tried on a new role in the TV show "The Voice of the Country. Reboot ".

Olga Freimut: biography

This is Ukrainian TV presenter, model, actress andjournalist, whose real name is Konyk. She was born on February 25, 1982 in the Lviv region (Novy Rozdol). Her father is a football player, and her mother is an honored master of sports in swimming. Olga often visited football matches, in which her father participated.

She received a master's degree in journalism (international) at LNU, City University of London. There she was given a diploma "Magna cum laude".

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Olga Freimut's career

At first she worked for a well-known company"BBC". Then she acted in different commercials. At the end of the Orange Revolution, decided to return to Kiev from London. There I got a job on the 5th channel (international department).

After some time I realized that this activity does not suit her. Then she worked a little fashion-journalist in "Breakfast 1 + 1". In 2008, this program was closed.

Journalist and producer Lyudmila Padlevskayatold Olga about the upcoming casting, which was to take place on the morning TV show "New Channel". After a successful passage of samples, Freimut received the position of the co-operating program "Ascension" together with Sergei Pritula and Alexander Pedan. The last broadcast of this show was released on May 27, 11.

Currently she is writing articles on fashion. He plans to seriously take up journalism in the fashion industry.

In 2010 Freimut is the face of the collection of the famous Ukrainian designer Karavanska Oksana. And since August 2011 - the host of the program "Shoumania" in conjunction with Dmitry Kolyadenko. In 2012 (on March 4) the project was closed for the purpose of restructuring.

By the end of August 2011 the program under the name "Inspector" started. There, Olga Freimut (biography, photo presented earlier) checks the quality characteristics of Ukrainian institutions engaged in the service sector. It is this transfer that is recognized as the best project of the "New Channel" (2011 - 2012 season). Already in 2011, in the rating, named as "30 most successful TV hosts in Ukraine", Freimut took 26th place.

Olga practiced in dubbing: in 2011 (in the summer) she sounded the main character of the cartoon "Smurfiki". And in the winter of the same year, the draw of the European Football Championship 2012 (group stage) was held.

Olga Freimut (whose biography is described above) was the host of the following TV programs:

  • "Climb";
  • "The Inspector General";
  • "Cabrio";
  • "Who is on top?";
  • "Shoumania";
  • "Shoumastgowon."

In 2012, she was invited to one of the roles in the horror film, which was filmed by Lyubomir Levitsky. The name of the painting is "Shadows of Unforgettable Ancestors".

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Personal life of Freimut

On Channel 5 she met the maindirected by Alexander Rakoyed, who later became her husband. Olga and Alexander did not formally formalize their relationship, but were married in the church. A few years later the couple broke up.

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Ukrainian TV presenter has parted with the civilhusband after several years of living together because of work in the frame. According to Olga, her husband became very jealous of her to all colleagues after they started receiving calls from "well-wishers" who constantly discussed with Alexander all the signs of attention in her direction.

Olga Freimut (biography, personal life and other interesting facts of life which were considered earlier) gave birth to a daughter from a British named Neal in London and called her Zlata.

The official husband of Nile is older than Olga. They met in London, their relationship was romantic. Her husband was important to the Englishman, the moment that there was a woman who had a rich spiritual world next to him, therefore he constantly cultivated Olga.

Freymouth could not permanently live in England, sinceShe was drawn to her native places, and her husband began to seem too boring. After a while, she gave up everything: a secure life, a caring husband, a comfortable life. Olga went home.

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Nickname of the Ukrainian TV presenter

This is the maiden name of her mother. Other options were not suitable: the real was translated into Russian as a grasshopper, and the name of the spouse (Rakoyed) was not euphonious for television.

Interesting Facts About FreeMut

Ukrainian TV presenter Olga Freimut (whose biography is described above) is a devoted fan of Fulham (English club), as her daughter's godfather is the first of its directors.

In its genus there are Greeks, Poles, Germans. Olga Freimut (biography, career, whose personal life was described earlier) knows English, is fond of fashion. He is friends with the mother of Sergei Pritula.

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