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Choose a pattern of Teddy bears and sew a toy for any age

All the girls loved toys as a child. Dolls, teddy bears and bunnies, puppies, strollers, - the game in the daughter-mother of girls eventually grows into caring for loved ones, and in the future and about their own children. And this happens every generation. However, in the adult period, the love of toys does not fade. They accept them as a gift from their boyfriends, and can even sew them on their own. One of the classic toys is Teddy, a friend of mine. Pattern, master class - all this you will find in our article.

What should it be?

pattern of teddy bears
A whole community has now appeared.artists, "Teddists." They create both classical and original versions of this toy. If we talk about the standard bear Teddy, then he must have strict proportions. To do this, its entire height should be divided into 4 parts, of which 1 is the head, 2 - the body, and 1 - the legs, but due to the fact that they must be fastened somewhat higher, as if in the region of the hip joint, their length will be approximately 1 , 4 parts, and the upper paws - 1.6. Teddy bears were originally designed by German artists. Such a bear is like a real bear in that it has bends on its back: a hump, then a depression in the lumbar region and again a protrusion. It is usually made of artificial fur with a brown color, adding with the help of thread the nose and eyes. But the body parts are connected, if you look at the patterns for Teddy bears, using bolts, nuts and disks. That is, the toy is articulated. Thus, her head is movable for turns and all 4 paws.

Complexities of work

Teddy bears

As mentioned before, the standard bearTeddy must be made with metal fasteners, so that his limbs and head are movable. Only experienced craftsmen are capable of sewing such a toy, and therefore it is better to do it according to video master classes. However, the initial stages in them are similar, the main thing is to correctly prepare the details for the pattern. In doing so, you should carefully look at the finished toy to understand how to properly sew the muzzle and trunk - they are the most complex. However, if you master this technique by trial and error, you will eventually get your hands on it and be able to implement your own toy ideas. Who knows, maybe it is you who invent a completely new, unlike the other bear "Teddy", which will become known to the whole world? So boldly think, dream, embody your ideas and share them with the same creative people.

Other options

patterns for teddy bears

Unlike his classic ancestor,the author's pattern of Teddy bear can be any, any proportions, providing use of the most various materials, methods of manufacturing and registration of details. So, for example, toys can be crocheted or made in the technique of felting wool. Therefore, anyone can create their own pattern of Teddy bears. Such products are very much appreciated at exhibitions and competitions. They use plastic or glass eyes and spouts, they come up with clothes, new materials for work. So, for example, you can make such toys from downy shawls, organza, silk or even newspapers and candy wraps, as shown by one artist at an exhibition in Germany. In the same article, you will learn how to sew the simplest version of Teddy Bear with your own hands. Patterns are very clear and accessible even for beginners, let's get down to work.

Teddy "spittle"

Bear Teddy Pattern Master Class

For the smallest lovers of soft toysYou can make such a bear Teddy, so that you can easily fall asleep with him. It is flat, and it lacks movement in detail, but this is exactly what the kids need. For this toy, you should choose only natural fabrics, preferably without a pile. That is, you can use linen or cotton, satin and natural silk.

author's pattern of teddy bears

To begin with, you just need to fold the fabricdouble, translate or redraw a Teddy bear pattern on it, then sew along the contour, leaving a hole on the one side under the foot for packing with cotton, felt or felts. The material will need to be evenly distributed across all parts of the body of our bears, and the hole is closed with a hidden seam. Now you only need to embroider with his thread of thread mulina eye, nose and smile. Voila, our teddy bear is ready for kids!

More difficult

For older children it would be more interesting ifthe details of the toys were spinning. Therefore, we will make our bear a little more complicated, and attach the limbs to the body with buttons so that they are mobile. So, we repeat all the above actions, just slightly complicating: print out the Teddy bear pattern and transfer it to the fabric folded twice, then cut out all the details, sew their edges, stuff them, close the holes left. In this case, it will be better if we first decorate our toy, and then attach the limbs to it. So, let's have a Teddy bear dressed in a vest.

Bear Teddy Pattern Master Class


We cut out of a bright fabric two rectangles,suitable in size to the body. We sew them on both sides, that is, on the breast and back, and in the front we additionally attach two or three colored buttons to simulate the fastener. Then we make from a different fabric, preferably velvet, a small bow, - this will be a bow tie. Sew on the neck of the bear. So, we can only attach limbs to the trunk with buttons on the legs - and all, meet a new friend, a pretty Teddy bear. You can always come up with your own toy, making it an author's. But never forget the main rule: every Teddy bear needs to be done with a love of creativity. Good ideas!

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