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How to force yourself to lose weight without exhausting diets?

With the approach of summer, manyan irresistible desire to lose a couple of kilograms, "worked up" in the winter. What do those who think about the question, how to make themselves lose weight? Naturally, lose weight! But do it with the mind, and do not starve for a week, breaking from the salad to kefirchik, and then to eat, as they say, "from the belly." But, is it real to lose weight, exhausting yourself with endless diets? May be. But after a while you will still break and again pick up too much. Well, how to make yourself lose weight? The most important thing you already did - you realized the need to get rid of excess weight. But this, of course, is not enough.

But the recipe for a slim figure without debilitating diets has long been known. These are a few simple steps:

1. Eat less. This does not mean that you can not eat at all. Just try to cut the portion size. For example, instead of two cutlets eat one, instead of two sweets - one. Soon you just will not want to eat high-calorie foods;

2. Switch to a healthy diet. Prefer cooked or steamed. From fried it is better to refuse. The amount of seasonings will also have to be reduced, otherwise the effect of your efforts will not be. But healthy - does not mean insipid. There are a lot of wonderful recipes for healthy food, take them into service. And yet, at least once a day, eat liquid food - soups, cabbage soup, borsch. And the stomach will thank you, and the figure will only benefit;

3. Give up harmful products. Can not live without sweet? Eat dried fruits and marmalade instead of buns and chocolate. Flour, sweet, spicy and salty is better to exclude. And, of course, no soda, fast food and other delights;

4. Provide yourself with a full sleep. A person needs to sleep at least eight hours a day, so that the body can restore itself. Is it real to lose weight from the fact that you sleep more? Scientists have proved that people who sleep less than this time (about 6 hours a day) gain weight faster and get rid of it more easily than those who sleep 8 hours;

5. Lead an active lifestyle. How to force yourself to lose weight, if you do not go in for sports? No one canceled physical stress. They will help keep the body in shape. In addition, during sports, adrenaline and endorphins enter the bloodstream, which is also an important factor in achieving your goal;

6. Persuade yourself of a quick victory over weight. Remember that thoughts are material? This is indeed so. Therefore, if you will faithfully believe that you are losing weight and will soon be irresistible, then it will be so. For greater conviction, you can hang posters at home like: "I really want to lose weight, and I will succeed!" "," I am irresistible (a) "and so on. Everything depends on your imagination;

7. Do not eat after sunset. Never eat up before going to bed, otherwise all your daily efforts to lose weight will go to waste. Moreover, in the evening all the processes slow down, and all the eaten will be put off in fat, which does not do you good. In the evening, it is permissible to eat no later than 3 hours before bedtime, so if you fall asleep in the midnight area, then you can eat no later than nine in the evening. But even in this case it is not recommended to eat high-calorie food. It is better to eat vegetable salad or fruit. At night you can drink a glass of yogurt or other fermented milk product. Of course, to give up a hearty dinner before going to bed is not enough for everyone, but it is necessary to do it, otherwise how to make yourself lose weight? To make it easier to refuse the evening raids on the refrigerator, you can try these methods: 1. Hang a very fat person on the refrigerator and sign "If I eat in the evenings, I will look like that"; 2. Do not store high-calorie foods in the refrigerator. This helps many people.

If you say to yourself: "I really want to lose weight" and will go to the intended goal, you will definitely achieve good results. Lose weight on health!

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