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Feet of feet are burning. The cause of the ailment

Pain in the legs is a disease with which almosteach of us. Most often, women face this problem, who wear high heels every day. External factors in the appearance of this disease in men can be: close shoes, poor-quality materials used in making socks. But do not forget about the internal causes that contribute to the emergence of pain. So, why do they arise and how to cope with them?

Feet of feet are burning. Cause

Causes of pain in the feet

It's not a secret for anyone that the burning sensation in the legs isvery unpleasant symptom. Probably, each of us knows the feeling when you take off your shoes and feel that your feet are burning. The reason can be in tight shoes. Once we remove it, the vessels can continue to work in full. Hence - an incomprehensible burning sensation in the legs.

If your feet are aching, the cause may not be so harmless. Burning can be caused by varicose veins, fungal pathologies, and arthrosis, and arthritis, and even flat feet.

If the pains in your feet bother you often enough, you need to know what caused it. After all, this sign can be the beginning of any disease.

  • If you notice that the legs swell up in the evening, the calves are hurt, the feet are burning, the reason is in the varicrase. It is worth to look at the veins. Perhaps they swelled.
    Sore feet, feet. What to do?
  • If the feet are burning, the cause may be infungal diseases. With these diseases, you will also feel itching and burning. By the way, with such a disease for the heels are characterized by seals and cracks. Nail plates turn yellow.
  • Thrombophlebitis and atherosclerosis can also affecton the condition of your legs. Such diseases are characterized by weakness in the limbs. In this case, it seems to you that your legs are burning. The body temperature rises and edema appears in the places where blood clots are formed.
  • When you constantly burn your feet, the reasoncan be associated with diabetes. After all, improper nutrition can cause peripheral neuropathy. And the initial stage of this disease is also characterized by burning feet.
  • With obliterating endarteritis, there is complete damage to the arteries of the legs. The patient limps and experiences pain in the feet.

If any of these symptoms occur, see a doctor immediately. After all, the disease is easier to prevent than to deal with its consequences.

Sore feet, feet. What to do?

Pain in the soles of the feet

If you found out that the cause of pain in the feet is fatigue, then for the treatment you can use folk remedies.

  • A very effective way is massage. Pour small stones, buckwheat or peas into a shallow container and walk along them. For this purpose, you can use special wooden massagers. A daily ten-minute massage will help your legs.
  • You can make a bath by adding herbs orsea ​​salt. Use of lime flowers, calendula flowers, chamomile and wormwood will also help you achieve a positive result. To do this, you need about two tablespoons of herbs to be filled with boiling water. The broth is insisted and let cool. Keep the feet in warm water for about ten minutes. In total you will need 15 such procedures.
  • When burning feet, you can soar your feet in a strongbroth of willow twigs (the procedure should last about 30 minutes). In this case, do not forget to wiggle your toes and knead your feet. We put our feet every day for a week.
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