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If the pressure is increased, what are the causes of this condition and its consequences

Hypertension is a pathology in whicha person increased blood pressure. This disease is often referred to as a "silent killer". This pathology has been given due to the fact that often its development occurs without visible signs, but the disease itself often leads to serious complications.

increased pressure
If a person has high blood pressure, then the risk is highthe occurrence of heart attacks, heart failure of a chronic nature, strokes, aortic aneurysm, kidney failure. Hypertension can cause death or disability that occurs after strokes and heart attacks. In medical practice, it is believed that the pressure is increased when the tonometer is 130-139 at 85-89. However, this condition is not considered pathological. Hypertension of the first degree is characteristic for indications of the device 140-159 for 90-99, the second - 160-179 for 100-109 the third - more than 180 for 110.

The reasons for the appearance of states when ya person increased blood pressure, is not completely determined. However, specific factors are known, the impact of which contributes to the development of hypertension. Among them there are those who do not depend on a person. For example, age (in older people there is a much greater risk of developing pathology). The emergence of hypertension is affected by heredity. The risk of increasing pressure is greatest in men, and it differs in different ethnic groups and age categories.

There are such negative factors for a person,which he is able to control. Often increased the pressure in those who have a high body weight. The risk of developing hypertension in complete people increases sixfold. There is a negative reaction to salt. At the same time reducing the use of this product lowers the pressure. People who abuse alcohol are also at risk. In this case, there is a greater probability of developing hypertension in those who have a predisposition to it. Possible pathology and with low physical activity. Sedentary, as well as a sedentary daily lifestyle invariably leads to obesity and increased pressure. Some drugs also cause hypertension. Increased pressure provokes stimulants, oral contraceptives and diet pills.

increased head pressure
There are people who suffer from the fact that they haveincreased head pressure. Such patients complain of a broken state and a bad state after a night's sleep. Pathology is accompanied by headaches, which are many times stronger towards the morning. If the intracranial pressure is very high, then nausea and vomiting are noted. An increase in headaches in these patients is observed with sneezing and coughing, as well as with sudden movements. The pathology, in which the head pressure is increased, is accompanied by a change in heart rate. There are frequent attacks of sweating and pre-stupor conditions.

increased eye pressure
In the case when a person is foundincreased eye pressure, this pathology indicates that deformation of capillaries contributing to fluid outflow occurs. This condition negatively affects the optic nerve, which leads to its atrophy. Symptoms of increasing eye pressure are frequent headaches and blurred vision. Hormonal failures are possible.

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