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Heparin ointment. Instructions for use

Heparin ointment, the instruction for use contains this information, is a drug aimed at preventing the formation of blood clots. The drug is applied externally.

The agent in question has a combined composition. The components contained in it, cause its therapeutic effect.

Heparin ointment, instruction for use informs, is an anticoagulant of direct action.

Heparin sodium is an active ingredientpreparation. Gradually released from the ointment, it effectively fights the inflammatory process. Thanks to this substance, the newly formed clots dissolve and no new blood clots appear.

In addition to the above, heparin ointment(instructions for use contains this information) is able to block the synthesis of thrombin and reduce the aggregation capacity of platelets. It also promotes activation of fibrinolytic properties of blood and inhibition of hyaluronidase activity.

The composition of the drug also includes benzocaine. It is a local anesthetic and reduces pain. After applying the medication to the skin, a local analgesic effect occurs.

The pharmaceutical agent in questionis shown for use in external hemorrhoids, postinfusion and postinjectional phlebitis, inflammation of postpartum hemorrhoids, trophic ulcers of the lower leg, lymphangitis and superficial mastitis, localized infiltrates and edema, injuries and bruises (when muscle tissue, joints, tendons are damaged), with subcutaneous hematoma. In addition, heparin ointment for varicose veins is also prescribed to relieve the patient's condition and get rid of this disease.

Recommendations for dosing the drug

A small amount of ointment should be evenly distributedapply to the affected area (it is used approximately from half to one gram per plot with a diameter of three to five centimeters). It is gently rubbed into the skin several times a day, up to the complete disappearance of the manifestations of the inflammatory process.

The course of treatment is from three to seven days. If necessary, the holding of therapeutic procedures can be extended, but this necessarily coincides with the attending physician.

In the case of thrombosis of hemorrhoids externallocalization use tampons (rectally). You can also apply compresses. To do this, the ointment is impregnated with a linen or ligature cloth, which is then applied to problem areas and fixed. Procedures are recommended to be performed daily, up to the elimination of manifestations of the disease. The course of treatment is from three to fourteen days.

Side effects can be expressed in the redness and itch of the skin, as well as in the form of allergic reactions.

Heparin ointment, instructions for useespecially notes this, is contraindicated in case of hypersensitivity to the components included in the composition of the drug in question, ulcerative necrotic processes and violation of the integrity of the integument.

With caution, the drug is used for increased bleeding and thrombocytopenia.

This medication is not prescribed concomitantly with the administration of tetracyclines and antihistamines.

Heparin ointment when lactating is not contraindicated, but it should be applied on the advice of a specialist.

The drug is not applied to open wounds, nor is it used when a purulent process occurs. Ointment is not recommended for the treatment of patients suffering from deep venous thrombosis.

Shelf life of the drug is three years from the date shown on the package. After this period, do not use the medication.

The temperature of the air in the storage of this drug should not exceed twenty-five degrees Celsius.

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