/ / The drug "Badyaga-forte." Reviews, description, scope

The drug "Badyaga-forte." Reviews, description, scope

The drug "Badyaga-Forte", reviews of which allmore often can be heard from the fair sex, is an excellent remedy for stagnant and pigmented spots, bruises. It can be bought in almost any pharmacy. It gives an amazing effect and is surprisingly easy to use.

badaaga fort reviews


In the instructions for use, you will read thatmeans "Badyaga-forte" (ratings of it can tell detail) consists of the following components: badyaga high-purity water, glycerol, yarrow extract, plantain, bronopol, gelling agent, perfume. The gel contains a bastard. It is a freshwater sponge that lives in rivers. It can be found on reefs, snags and so on. The skeleton of the plant consists of a network of silica needles, which are linked together by a spongin (organic matter).

The drug "Badyaga-forte"

Reviews speak of high efficiency andobtaining fast results. The principle of action is based on mechanical stimulation of the skin with small silicon needles. This causes vasodilation. As a result, there is an active blood supply, which provides a bactericidal and absorbable effect. This is accompanied by a warming effect and reddening of the skin. Extracts yarrow and psyllium have a moisturizing, softening and healing effect.

balyaga gel reviews

Who is recommended "Badyaga-gel"

Reviews about the drug confirm the fact that hehas the greatest benefit for oily and combination skin, prone to the formation of acne and acne. In addition, the gel can be used as a scrub, as it perfectly exfoliates and rejuvenates. If the face left spots and scars from acne, then with the help of the badyagi you will certainly get rid of them.

Effect of gel

  • reduces itching and pain;
  • antiseptic, bactericidal, resolving and decongesting;
  • regulates the work of the sebaceous glands, which prevents the appearance of acne;
  • expands blood vessels, provides good blood supply;
  • activates protective functions;
  • restores and deeply cleanses.


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The drug "Badyaga-forte" (this is confirmed by the reviews)should be used very carefully. This especially applies to beginners. First you need to test for allergies. To do this, apply a small amount of money to the elbow bend and wait 10 minutes. If nothing happened, then you can safely apply "Badyaga-gel." The price of one tube is not high and allows you to use it in the right quantities.

Gel is applied to clean skin with light massagemovements. This will help small needles to penetrate into it. The agent is left on the skin for 10 to 20 minutes. For the first time you can do with a minimum period. Note that the tingling and warming effect is normal. If the skin burns, then the mask is better to wash off, so as not to get a burn. It should be washed very carefully, with plenty of water. It is necessary that the fine particles are removed from the skin. After that, you will notice redness. Each can be expressed in different degrees. Usually the face becomes normal color after a couple of hours. In this regard, the mask is best done before bedtime.

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