/ How to get rid of warts at home?

How to get rid of warts at home?

Many people suffer from the appearance on the skin of theseunpleasant outgrowths. And if you do not know how to get rid of warts at home, this article will help you solve this problem. There are several recipes of folk medicine that contribute to the treatment of this skin disease. Before contacting a doctor, you can try to get rid of the ailment with improvised means.

How to get rid of warts at home

Against warts you can fight with juiceonion (onion). For treatment four times a day you need to smear the affected area on the skin with fresh onion juice. After each procedure, you should wait until the fluid is absorbed and dry. Of course, such treatment should be spent a long time, so be patient. But the effect should please you.

From warts use also a potato peel. In order to remove build-up on the skin, it is necessary to lubricate the affected area with fresh cut skin once or twice a day. Also, garlic can be used to fight warts. True, it will tingle, but the outgrowth itself will soon fall off.

If you have already been told how to get rid ofwarts at home using table vinegar, then in this article you will be able to read about the correct method of treatment. Acetic acid is considered a very effective way of reducing build-up. However, this method is painful. Using a pipette, you need to drip just one drop of the product directly onto the wart. It is enough to carry out this procedure once or twice a day, so that the growths soon disappear.

How to get rid of warts at home using the fruits of mountain ash, knew

Against warts
still our grandmothers. From berries a mush is prepared, the struck place is steamed, a therapeutic mass is applied to it. For convenience, a folk remedy on the skin can be fixed with a patch for half an hour. As a rule, ten to twelve procedures are enough to forget about the ailment.

One of the simplest methods of getting rid ofwarts is the use of conventional iodine. It should only four times a day cauterize them build-up. Within three days the wart slowly begins to dry out, and then completely disappears.

And, probably, everyone can tell howget rid of warts at home, applying celandine. The most useful juice is contained in its root. Orange juice of the plant immediately stains the wart in black. After each lubrication of the build-up, it is necessary to regularly cut the dead skin on it with the help of a manicure scissors. Only to do this should be very accurate!

Causes of warts
As for what causes the warts, then their main pathogen is the virus of the papilloma. "You can buy" this skin disease in various ways:

- with direct contact with one that has at least one wart;

- when using common things with this person, for example, dishes or towels;

- when using a manicure or pedicure during the procedure, untreated tools should be used;

- during sexual intercourse with a person who is infected with condylomas;

- wearing too tight shoes often also provokes the appearance of warts on the legs.

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