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What diseases are treated with iodide-bromide salt?

In the 20th century scientists scientifically proved thatiodide-bromine salt, dissolved in a liquid, has a beneficial effect on the metabolic processes of the body. Such medical procedures are called balneotherapy, they are widely used in dispensaries and sanatoriums. This method is indicated in many pathological processes. It has been clinically proven that iodine-bromine waters have a beneficial effect on all physiological processes.

Moderate dosages improve functionalitycapillaries and accelerate blood flow. Iodine in combination with bromine ions has antipruritic and anti-inflammatory effect. These important components normalize the pressure, relieve pain and prevent hormonal disorders. In this case, there is practically no negative balneological reaction.

Therapeutic effect

iodide-bromide salt

It is believed that iodide-bromine sea saltcontributes to faster recovery, especially during rehabilitation after severe surgical interventions. After taking such baths, migraines, weakness, increased irritability, rest and sleep are restored. Iodine and bromine increase the tone of the veins, strengthen the heart muscle, activate metabolic processes and normalize the psychoemotional balance.

Healing mixture has a positive effect onthyroid gland function. The drug shows a high therapeutic effect in the disease of the nervous system. With the help of iodine-brominated irrigation, gynecological diseases (erosion, adnexitis) are treated.

Procedures are prescribed for patients with rheumatic andrheumatoid polyarthritis. They are useful for absolutely healthy people to strengthen their immunity, calm and relax, especially for those who are engaged in active physical and mental activity, are in stressful situations and eat poorly.

Main indications

Iodide-bromide salt for bathtubs

Clinical studies have confirmedThe positive effect of balneotherapy on endocrine work, the metabolism of androgens and the activity of the adrenal cortex. Iodine bromide salt is recommended for women with a disturbed or unstable menstrual cycle. Assign an analgesic and sedative effect to the drug.

Practice has been verified and proven that this methodtherapy helps with inflammatory manifestations of the musculoskeletal system, disorders of the vegetative and cardiovascular systems. Iodine-bromide salt is treated with ischemia of the heart, hypertension, atherosclerosis, rheumatism, dystonia. The list of testimonies is quite extensive:

- Nervous pathologies;

- endocrine diseases;

- gynecological diseases;

- disorders and disorders of the genitourinary sphere in women and men;

- Dermatological diseases;

- pathology of the respiratory system.


First of all, the salt iodide-bromine for baths is notis used during the acute stage of the inflammatory process. From the procedures should be abandoned for infectious and oncological diseases (regardless of stage and location). Do not prescribe baths during menstruation, with uterine bleeding, pregnancy and trophic ulcers. For the procedure, a person should be absolutely sober and not have an allergic reaction to iodine and bromine ions.

Rules of admission

iodide-bromide salt instruction

It is not necessary to attend specializedclinics, now in the pharmacy networks is realized packaged iodide-bromine salt, which can be planted in a bath to conduct treatment sessions without leaving home. The proportions are as follows: 200 liters of water (temperature 35-37aboutC) one hundred gram of the mixture is required.

The bath should be taken for a maximum of 15 minutes, every twoday. The duration of therapy will directly depend on the age and diagnosis of the patient. In the water, you can pour a kilogram of ordinary table salt - it enhances the penetration of halogens.

Iodine-bromine salt is prescribed in childhood insimilar dosage. Only the time interval is shortened by 5-10 minutes. The number of sessions varies - up to 10 procedures. Usually, the baths are well tolerated and do not give negative reactions. Who should not take them, so it's people with high sensitivity to the incoming components (iodine, bromine).

Women can carry out self-administered vaginal irrigation (10 minutes each). Procedures are conducted daily. The course consists of 12 sessions. The water temperature should be comfortable - at least 35aboutC. It should be remembered that irrigation is contraindicated in the acute form of the disease.


iodide-bromine sea salt

Experts recommend to follow simple adviceon the use of baths. The optimal time for the session is in the morning or from 17 pm to 7 pm. Never take a bath on a full stomach. The treatment procedure is carried out 60 minutes after eating.

Do not dry yourself after bathing and do not takeshower four hours. This is necessary in order to have absorbed completely into the skin the healing iodide-bromine salt. Instructions for use inform you that immediately after the session you can not go out into the cold air and do active work for five minutes.

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