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How to liquefy the blood

Blood in the human body performs transportfunction, transfers useful substances to the organs, and on the return path takes away the spent particles. For example, carbon dioxide. To ensure the supply of elements is stable, the blood must have a certain viscosity. Dense blood coagulates too quickly and is the cause of many problems in the body.

How to thin the blood with aspirin

You need to carefully dose the tablets. The optimal dose is from 50 mg to 75 mg per day. The shock mass is 100 mg and requires obligatory observation by the doctor. The increased amount of salicylic acid in the body will lead to intense perspiration. Thus through a skin there will be so much liquid that the result will be the return, the blood will thicken.

Aspirin has a large list of unwantedside effects. In the course of research, the list of contraindications to this medicine is increasing every year. Therefore, before consulting a specialist, you should carefully read the instructions attached to the drug.

How to liquefy blood with leeches

Hirudotherapy is a quick waydilution of blood, at the same time, sparing the body. The effect is achieved in a matter of days. To maintain a normal level of blood clotting, leech treatment specialists recommend two treatment courses per year. The active substance injected by leeches is hirudin. Possible intolerance to some of the leech components.

How to thin the blood with horse chestnut tincture

Clear the fruits of horse chestnut. For the tincture, you need 50 g of chopped chestnut peel, fill it with a bottle of vodka (0.5 l). Tincture ripens 2 weeks. Procedure: from 30 drops to 40 drop in a quarter of a glass of water, drink before meals, for 30 minutes. Take three times a day. The established course of treatment is 3 weeks, after a break of 7 days. Start the course again, but take the medication the first week only 2 times a day, and reduce the dose to 25 drops. From the second week on, the order of reception is to resume (up to three times a day, 30 drops each). When treating tincture of horse chestnut, contraindications should be considered.

How to thin the blood with white mushrooms

Prepares vodka tincture. Finely chop the hats of fresh boletus, fill them with a clean liter jar. Pour the vodka to the edges of the jars so that the mushrooms are covered. Tincture ripens in the dark for two weeks, then it is necessary to wring out the mushrooms and drain all the contents. Procedure: twice a day, before meals, about 30 minutes. Before use, dilute 1 teaspoon of tincture of ceps in 50 ml of water.

Herbs that thin the blood

In the list of healing herbs that can lowercoagulability of the blood includes dill, mint, licorice, sweet clover. Usually with curative purpose use broths. Many plants that are used in cooking as spices have blood thinning effect. These include turmeric, paprika, cinnamon, curry, garlic, pepper.

Means that dilute the blood, inhibit the action of vitamin K. Therefore, it is important that the body does not feel its lack.

Nutrition, aimed at reducing blood clotting

The volume of daily used fluid for normal hemostasis is 1.5 liters. It is useful to drink green tea, juice of grapes and other fruits.

Maximum consumption of pork should be limited. The source of the necessary proteins is lean poultry meat, eggs, dairy dishes, fish and seafood.

To maintain the optimum levelblood clotting needs to provide the body with the necessary amount of polyunsaturated acids. A rich source of omega-3 acids are flax seeds, mustard, fish oil, olive tree fruit.

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