/ / The drug "Enterofuril." Instruction for children and adults

The medicine "Enterofuril". Instruction for children and adults

The drug "Enterofuril" belongs to the categoryantimicrobial agents. The drug is available in a suspended form and capsules. The agent "Enterofuril", whose composition includes the active substance nifuroxazide, is used in disorders of the digestive system.

Suspension "Enterofuril" instruction for children recommends appointing from the first month of life. Capsules can be given from two years.

Presumably, antiparasitic andthe antimicrobial activity of the medicament is due to the presence of an active component of the NO2-group in the active ingredient, which is capable of affecting bacteria and provoking a pronounced effect in pathologies of the intestines of an infectious nature.

The drug "Enterofuril" is active against enterobacteria gram-negative and microbes gram positive.

After applying the active ingredientpractically not absorbed from the digestive system. Thus, the drug shows its antibacterial activity directly in the lumen of the intestine. The drug is eliminated completely with the feces. The rate of excretion depends on both the dosage and the motor function of the intestine.

The drug "Enterofuril" instruction for children and adults recommends prescribing for chronic or acute diarrhea of ​​infectious origin (not caused by helminthic invasion).

The drug is contraindicated in preterm and patients for up to a month. Do not prescribe medicine for hypersensitivity.

It is allowed to use the drug pregnant and lactating in agreement with a specialist, in accordance with the indications.

The active substance of the drug (nifuroxazide) inthe difference from other derivatives of nitrofuran when administered orally is non-toxic. The absence of negative toxic effects on the body is achieved, mainly due to the insolubility and lack of absorption from the digestive tract.

The drug "Enterofuril". Dosage

Apply inside.

Capsules (100 mg) "Enterofuril" instruction forchildren from the age of seven and adults recommend appointing four times a day. Take two capsules at a time. Thus, per day the dosage is 800 milligrams.

Patients from two to seven years are recommended to two capsules three times a day. The maximum dosage per day is 600 mg.

Capsules of 200 mg are prescribed to patients with seven years of one to four times a day.

Children from two to seven years old - one three times a day. The daily dose is 600 mg.

Suspension "Enterofuril" instruction for children up toof seven months, recommends the administration of 2.5 ml twice or thrice during the day. Patients from seven months are prescribed 2.5 ml four times a day. Children from two to seven years are recommended a dosage of 5 milliliters three times a day.

Duration of treatment should not exceed seven days.

As an undesirable manifestation with the use of the drug "Enterofuril", an allergy is possible. As a rule, it is associated with intolerance of components.

Specific symptoms of drug overdose in practice are not described. In this regard, when taking elevated doses recommended standard measures for first aid.

When performing treatment for diarrhea, along with the Enterofuril drug, rehydration therapy (intravenous or oral) should be performed, taking into account the intensity of diarrhea and the patient's condition.

Do not take alcohol throughout the course.

About the drug "Enterofuril" reviews are foundvarious. Often the drug is used in pediatrics. According to many experts, the drug "Enterofuril" is a fairly effective and soft drug.

Before using the medicine, it is recommended to consult a doctor.

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