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Swollen legs: the cause of the problem and how to resolve it

Swollen legs (the cause of this pathology will bedescribed below) should not cause people special anxiety, especially if the presented deviation arises after long walks. But if the swelling of the lower extremities does not decrease after an hour, and sometimes even increases in combination with any other symptoms (for example, pain or fever), then you should always seek help from specialists.

swollen feet cause

So, let's work out the reason for swelling of the legs together.


The flow of legs in women in an "interesting" position -a fairly common phenomenon. Therefore, this deviation is not given much importance, but only in situations where the unborn mother is not disturbed by feet that suddenly puffed like pillows, and there were no abdominal pains, problems with urination, nausea, blurred vision, dizziness, or vomiting. If these signs do occur, then the doctor should be contacted immediately.

Swollen feet: a cause in trauma to the foot or ankle

If you stretched the bundles at randomturning the feet or dislocated the ankle, then puffiness does not take long to wait. To eliminate it, it is recommended to attach a packet of ice to your leg, tightly bandage it, and then raise it, leaning against the wall. Such measures should significantly reduce edema. If this does not occur, and in addition to swelling there is pain, then you should immediately call a traumatologist.


the left leg of the left is swelling
At first swollen legs, the cause of which lies in thepresented by the disease, do not cause any discomfort and are hardly noticeable. But if you do not treat lymphedema in time, then it can go to the chronic stage, which is accompanied by deformation of the lower extremities.


People with or suffering from diabetessensitivity of the lower extremities may occur due to infection. Because of damaged nerve endings, the brain does not perceive pain signals, and the person does not notice how the suppuration or sores progress. In this regard, people with such problems should examine their feet every day and if necessary go to the doctor.


for what reason swelling of the legs

Formed thrombi can block blood flowfrom the feet to the heart muscle, as a result of which people start complaining that their left leg is swelling. The causes of this problem are associated with malnutrition, obesity, etc. But the danger of thrombosis is not that because of it the lower extremities strongly swell, but that the blood clot can come off and with the flow to move to the lungs or the heart. Therefore, pain and swelling in one leg should extremely alarm the person.

Heart, kidney or liver disease

Sometimes the diseases of one of these organs cancause such a symptom as swollen legs. The reason for this deviation is most often due to the fact that too much water accumulates in the body. If swelling is really the result of poor internal organs, then a full examination should be performed immediately.

Side effect of drugs

Quite often swelling of the legs is manifested as a result of taking medications. In this case, it is necessary to suspend the treatment and, if possible, replace the medication.

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