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Mastodinon. Instructions for use

"Mastodinon" is a homeopathiccombined non-hormonal medicinal product of plant origin. Due to the effect of active substances of mastadinone in the female body, sex hormones are produced in a normal ratio, the hormone prolactin, in excess produced during pregnancy, comes back to normal. Hyperprolactinemia (or a high level of prolactin) cherevata violation of the functional activity of the ovaries, due to failure of the pituitary gland, which can become one of the causes of infertility.

Among the active ingredients that make up thepreparation, - plant extracts of the tiger lily, the tangent, the hindos, the violets of the alpine, the stalker, the rod. "Mastodinon", the instruction to which recommends using it in pronounced premenstrual syndrome, when there are persistent headaches, infertility, due to lack of yellow body, mastopathy (fibrocystic), menstrual cycle disorders, mastodynia, edema, constipation, mental lability, is very a common drug.

Homeopathic preparation "Mastodinon", instructionon the application to which delimits the form of release of the drug, can be produced in drops - a bottle of 30, 50 and 100 ml, and in tablets - 60 or 120 pieces in one package. Usually they make an appointment twice a day to take 1 tablet or 30 drops of the drug, diluted in water. Treatment of "Mastodinone" is a long process and takes at least three months, but if the symptoms of the disease resume after the end of the medication, you should resume treatment with this drug. Due to good tolerability, "Mastodinone", the instruction emphasizes this, is suitable for long-term treatment.

It should be taken with caution "Mastodinone"people with a tendency to allergic reactions, in addition, during treatment with this medication, there may be side effects such as itchy exanthemas and acne, severe headaches, weight gain, nausea, stomach pain. It should immediately stop taking a homeopathic remedy and urgently seek medical attention with hallucinations, psychomotor agitation, confusion. "Mastodinone", the instruction to which warns about it, can cause ethanol poisoning in case of an overdose of a drug in the form of drops, therefore it is necessary to strictly observe the dosage of the drug recommended by the attending physician.

It is not recommended the therapeutic use of "Mastodinone" for children before the age of 12 and pregnant, and also for the period of breastfeeding.

Good results are observed in the treatment of mastopathy (fibrocystic) therapy is usually prescribed courses.

Mastodinone - a drug for the treatment of mastopathy of the fibrocystic form

1st year:

  • for three months take 30 drops of "Mastodinone" twice a day for 20 minutes before eating;
  • together with the use of homeopathic medicine, appoint "Aevita" 1 capsule per day for a month.

Then they take a break for three months, after which they resume therapeutic treatment.

2 nd year:

  • prescribe a homeopathic preparation "Masto-gran" on 5 granules a day for 20 minutes before meals under the tongue until complete resorption;
  • Also during one month combine reception of the given preparation with "Aevitom" (on 1 capsule in day).

For the period of treatment, products such as chocolate, coffee, alcohol and smoking are strictly excluded from the diet.

The drug "Mastodinone" (tablets), the instruction is similar to the instruction for the use of the drug in the form of drops, is also available on the market.

Antagonists of dopamine receptors in combination with"Mastodinone" can reduce the effectiveness of these drugs, should distinguish between these medications. In any case, first of all, you need to see a doctor, and only he can prescribe medication with one or another medication, one should not self-diagnose his illness and get involved in self-medication. Remember that our health is in our hands!

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