/ How is bronchitis treated in adults? Basic principles of therapy

How is bronchitis treated in adults? Basic principles of therapy

Bronchitis to date is rightfully consideredone of the most common diseases of the respiratory system. All categories of the population are affected by this disease, regardless of age and sex. So how do they treat bronchitis in adults? What methods are considered the most effective?

Bronchitis: Causes and Symptoms

allergic bronchitis in adults

Most often inflammation of the bronchi has an infectiousorigin. In the role of causative agent can act as bacteria, and viruses. Occasionally, the inflammatory process is the result of the activity of the fungal infection.

In addition, quite oftenallergic bronchitis. In adults, this type of disease usually occurs as a result of inhalation of toxic substances that irritate the bronchial mucosa.

Before learning how to treat bronchitis in adults,It is worth to find out what symptoms are accompanied by the disease. Of course, the main manifestation of the disease is a paroxysmal cough. By the way, seizures often occur at night. Cough can be dry or accompanied by abundant sputum, depending on the severity of the disease and the nature of the pathogen. In addition, the symptoms include fever, weakness, dizziness, drowsiness, decreased appetite.

How is bronchitis treated in adults?

injections in bronchitis in adults

Naturally, in the presence of the above symptoms,in particular, painful coughing attacks, it is worthwhile to see a doctor. Only a specialist knows how to treat bronchitis in adults. In addition, the treatment regimen is determined individually and depends on the pathogen, the severity of the disease and certain characteristics of the patient's body.

If the cause of inflammation is bacterialinfection, then, naturally, antibiotics are used for treatment. The most effective are the productive penicillin ("Flemoklave", "Augmentin"), as well as cephalosporins ("Cefazolin", "Supraks") and macrolides ("Vilprafen", "Macropenus").

But it is worthwhile to understand that the use of antibioticsit is not always expedient. Such injections in bronchitis adults are prescribed only in the event that there is a strong inflammation and persistent fever. On the other hand, with the viral form of the disease, antibiotic therapy is absolutely useless. But very effective is the use of immunomodulators and drugs containing interferon.

Important is symptomatic treatment. Therefore, therapy also includes cough drugs, the choice of which depends on the clinical picture. For example, with moist cough expectorants are used. For example, very effective are "Pertussin", "Mukaltin", as well as infusions and syrups with extracts of medicinal plants, including thermopsis and licorice root.

how to treat bronchitis in adults

With severe attacks of dry cough in the first twoday use of drugs to suppress seizures, in particular, "Cofex" and "Sinekod." If the disease is accompanied by the formation of viscous sputum, which is separated with difficulty, then use mucolytic drugs, for example, "Lazolvan", "Ambroxol".

Of course, for the period of treatment the patient needsbed rest, plentiful drink (liquefies phlegm and facilitates its isolation), as well as a dairy-vegetable diet. With increased sputum discharge, a massage is prescribed, which helps drain the bronchial ways.

For the treatment of allergic bronchitis antihistamine and anti-inflammatory drugs are used.

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