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Antibacterial agent "Ampicillin trihydrate": instructions for use

ampicillin trihydrate instructions for use
Means "Ampicillin trihydrate" instructions forapplication is represented as a drug that is part of the pharmacological group of semisynthetic penicillins of a wide range of usefulness. Admission of this drug has a pronounced bactericidal effect on the human body due to the suppression of the synthesis of the wall of pathogenic microorganisms. At the same time, this agent has a pronounced activity both in relation to aerobic gram-positive and gram-negative microbes. Especially it should be noted that the antibacterial drug "Ampicillin Trihydrate" (instruction for use confirms this) is resistant to acids and destroys under the influence of penicillinase.

This semisynthetic agent is produced ina crystalline powder of white color with a sweet taste and a specific odor. As for its basic characteristics, it practically does not dissolve in alcohol and dissolves easily in water, and also differs little in properties from such a substance as ampicillin.

ampicillin trihydrate tablets

This medicinal powder is used inmainly for the preparation of capsules and a special formulation for suspensions. In addition, you can find on sale and white or white and yellow tablets "Ampicillin trihydrate", containing 0.25 grams of ampicillin trihydrate. In addition, they contain calcium stearate or magnesium stearate, corn or potato starch, talc.

Use the agent "Ampicillin trihydrate"the instructions for use recommend, for the most part, for the treatment of bronchitis, pneumonia, bronchopneumonia, peritonitis, lung abscess, tonsillitis and sepsis. In addition, this antibacterial drug demonstrates good results during the treatment of gastrointestinal infections caused by salmonella or shigella, infectious diseases of the urinary and bile ducts.

ampicillin trihydrate reviews

For example, it is very effective to use thissemisynthetic agent for cystitis, pyelitis, cholangitis, pyelonephritis and cholecystitis. For the sanation of patients - carriers of salmonella, the preparation "Ampicillin trihydrate" also perfectly suits. Instructions for use advise to use it for the treatment of all kinds of infections of the joints, bones and soft tissues, treatment of diseases such as streptococcal pharyngitis, gonorrhea, otitis, sinusitis or meningitis. In addition, this antibacterial agent can be successfully administered to prevent postoperative complications.

Apply this semisynthetic drugIt is strictly not recommended if the patient has an allergic reaction to penicillins, severe liver failure or diseases that are infectious and provoked by insensitive microorganisms. People with individual intolerance to cephalosporins should also refrain from using the drug Ampicillin Trihydrate. The comments of the doctors speak about the undesirability of his appointment in case of bronchial asthma or pregnancy.

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