/ How to take chocolate for weight loss: instructions, description, efficiency. Chocolate "Slim" for losing weight: real feedback

How to take chocolate for weight loss: instructions, description, efficiency. Chocolate "Slim" for losing weight: real feedback

The combination of the words "chocolate for weight loss"bewilderment. Either it's not chocolate, or you can not lose weight with it. In fact, the product that is sold in pharmacies and is designed to reduce weight, has almost nothing to do with traditional sweetness. We will tell you about it so that you can make up your mind.

However, this phrase can also be understood in another way. Chocolate for weight loss can really be used as a mono-diet, that lovers of sweets are sometimes used to correct the figure.

chocolate for weight loss

Chocolate diet is tasty and nutritious

Not everyone can withstand such a sweetmenu, but if you feel that you are ready to trade everything for chocolate, then try it. To eat delicious sweetness you need at least 5-7 days, and weight loss will be about 5 kg. In this case, you need to completely forget about the white or milk chocolate, it's only about a natural treat with a high content of cocoa beans. After all, they improve metabolism.

However, using chocolate for weight loss, the most important thing - remember the norm, because of the delicacy is very difficult to break away, the hand and stretches for the next piece.

The classic diet option involvesthe use of 80-90 grams per day, in three divided doses. That is, for a day you will need incomplete classical tiles, which is usually a month old. Immediately in the morning, divide the whole chocolate into three parts. In addition, it is permissible to drink three cups of black coffee.

chocolate slimming slimming real reviews

Due to what is losing weight

Of course, it's not about magic propertiessweet product. Chocolate for weight loss is used according to the laws of physiology and metabolism. On the day a person spends only 2000 kcal for maintaining all biochemical processes, and one tile contains only 540 kcal. In addition, you completely exclude salt from the menu, which allows you to remove excess fluid from the body. It turns out that 1500 calories are burned solely due to fatty tissues. That is, for a week of such a diet, you can lose about a kilo of fat reserves. This is all about ordinary chocolate, now we turn to a special, pharmacy product designed for weight loss.

chocolate for weight loss reviews

Chocolate "Slim" - the best way to lose weight

This is an amazing offer from modernmanufacturers of means for weight correction. This product is called "Slim" chocolate for weight loss. Real testimonials of women and men say that the appearance is rather unusual, but the taste is excellent, and most importantly, this dessert gives a quick and tangible effect. Kilograms melt, mood and cheerfulness increase. Surely you immediately had many questions about how this miracle product works, how it turns out that sweetness, the main enemy of a thin waist, suddenly begins to help us. Let's talk about this in more detail.

chocolate slimming slimming efficiency

Composition of the product

First of all, let's consider what isrepresents chocolate packaging. Unlike your expectations, this is not a tile, but a bag of powder. It is used as a tasty drink. It is because of this and got its popularity chocolate "Slim" for weight loss. Real reviews often consist of continuous excitement. The diet can be so few delicious foods, and here at once and dessert, and the opportunity to lose weight. It turns out a great duo, two in one.

The composition of the product is quite complex and, together withthe long-known. Not for the first year people are convinced of the effectiveness of each of its components in terms of weight loss. The very first on the packaging is green coffee. Everyone who dreams of losing weight has already heard about him more than once. This ingredient allows you to activate metabolism and normalize your appetite. In addition, it has an easy laxative effect.

The effect of green coffee is greatly enhanced by the action of goji berries. This is a tremendous complex of vitamins, minerals and trace elements, which is extremely necessary for a person who adheres to a diet.

An additional ingredient is the seeds of chia. They, as well as coffee, accelerate the metabolism. Among people who are overweight, the problem of atherosclerosis often arises, which with success helps to solve these tropical seeds. However, the most important property is the absorption of carbohydrates, which come with food.

It is because of this that I received such a hugepopularity chocolate slimming. The reviews testify to the fact that even without changing the diet, you begin to lose weight. In addition, from the first day of taking the drug, people say that they are much more spirited. And increasing physical activity helps to lose weight faster. It is very convenient that you can buy chocolate "Slim" for weight loss in the pharmacy.

chocolate slimming slimming in a pharmacy

Additional components

They are inferior to the first three listed byquantity, but not in importance. It is the action of all components in the aggregate that gives the product, known as the Slim chocolate for weight loss. Its effectiveness greatly increases the fungus of lingzhi. This particular source of vegetable protein and fiber contains a complex of substances that normalize digestion and have a diuretic effect.

Add to this also the acai berries, a stunning natural antioxidant that improves the condition of the skin and internal organs, slows down the aging process.

Finally, the final ingredient, which gives the chocolate taste. This, of course, is cocoa. It simultaneously increases the level of the hormone of joy and reduces the craving for sweets.

how to take chocolate for weight loss

How to take chocolate for weight loss

The instruction suggests to drink a delicious cocktail aftereach meal, namely: three times a day, 20-30 minutes after eating. Fully replace the cocktail meal should not be. Keep in mind that the product contains caffeine, which means that it is not recommended to take it late in the evening, as this can provoke insomnia.

To get results faster, it's very importantstart doing exercises. At first it can be minor physical exertion, easy gymnastics. Little by little the load can be added. In addition, it will be necessary to limit the consumption of flour products and sweets. Such measures guarantee high efficiency.

Duration of admission

Since we need a stable effect,you need to show some patience. Take a chocolate drink requires a long course, at least 4 weeks. However, if you have a very large body weight, it is recommended to consider the option of taking at least three months. This course should be divided into three parts, with a break of four weeks after each month.


In the first place,who have problems with the cardiovascular system. Categorically it is not recommended to drink such chocolate to people with high blood pressure, hypertension. In chronic diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, one must be careful, as there can be an exacerbation. Do not take chocolate to lose weight pregnant women, children and adolescents.

Doctor's comments

There is a huge amount of feedback from people,who could really lose weight, without changing anything in their way of life, only using a wonderful drink. However, doctors urge to be more careful and look a little further.

The most reliable way to lose weight and keepthe result is to rebuild your diet and daily routine. If the amount of consumed and consumed calories is adjusted by a special preparation, then as soon as you finish the course, the extra pounds will return.

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